Anti-Gravity Selfie Case

When I posted my review on facebook about my new iphone case I was astonished with all the comments. I guess I have good taste, great ideas and a lot of friends who broadcast and like to take selfies. Either way its a WIN WIN. Woohoo. 

So know that their are some great perks to this case however this is my disclaimer: (I've had a few oopsies and oh *!%7's. So know that it can happen to you too. 

Any damages to device with the use of this case is insured by the user. Please handle with a lot of LOVE. 

I highly recommend a screen protector. Use around soft surfaces.  The phone can drop if the back isn't clean or doesn't have a good stick. Over all I love this case and totally would buy it again. This case makes broadcasting on the go possible anywhere without having to bring along some mount, tripod and other bulky devices. I carry enough as it is. 

You asked for it so here you go! I think this one is wayyyyy better! Let me know what you think once you get it.