• Looking for results-driven health solutions you can easily understand and implement with confidence

  • Tried a whole host of remedies that didn’t work including essential oils, various types of creams, therapeutic baths, allopathic medicine, over the counter medicine, and different types of diets to improve your condition.

  • Been on antibiotics, antivirals, or painkillers that came with  and unwanted side effects wreaked havoc on your digestion.

  • Got a tough time getting out of bed, feels like making any kind of movement requires too much effort.

  • I get it, You just want to feel better again.  You know there’s another way but don’t know where to get the real truth.

That’s where I come in

I want life to happen for you, not to you. And, meeting me at this time in your life is purposeful and intentional.


You don't know how to get started with real, holistic health remedies that actually work. You’ve tried the ones that didn't, but you haven’t given up yet because you know this can work. You just need a supportive guide who can show you exactly what to do and howl.

My sweet and wonderful friend work with me and I’ll show you your way back to health with the exact methods you’ve been looking for.

Get clear on the fact that their is more than one way to get well and feel great.  Your mindset is powerful enough to get your heart back onto the life you deserve to live. Curious individual or healthcare practitioner, unlock Sound Color and Light Therapy for yourself and your client, additionally incorporate the Eastern Approach. Complement your practice with vibratory medicine.

Thomas Edison said, 'The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.'  I know you have been trying hard to live with medical issues that nobody has a solution for.  Let me tell you what you forgot, I'll remind you of just what you need to harmonize and bring your body back into balance with tools you never knew existed.  Mother nature's recommendation is right here. From herbology to ancient herbal elixirs.  The secret is in the Ph. Find out more with this button. 




"When people enter my world they receive knowledge, understanding, support, answers, confidence and healing, that opens up new possibilities and perspectives, so they can start living their fullest life now."

It took four years to truly know and understand Eastern medicine and how the body functions.  I became an expert of my own body. Optimal health is an on going learning process.

I have treated hundreds of patients with several different health issues. I have witnessed their recovery and ongoing success in health. I took this as an invitation to find a way to help other men and women from my heart. I am determined to treat and coach 1 Million clients in my lifetime. I am created to work with you. 




I work with clients from all around the world and this is what they say about working with me. 

As a first time client, Antonika quickly earned my trust and confidence with her professionalism and her extensive knowledge as to how acupuncture can benefit my health and how exactly to target what was ailing me.  She has excellent technique and went above and beyond to treat. Her recommendations for the fabulous essential oils will be a life changer. I especially love the 'Breathe' essential oil and the "Lime" oil I would recommend her to all my friends and definaitly see her again.


I was skeptical, but it worked. Acupuncture helped me reset and my voice came back. Best Acupuncturist for musicians.  

Thank You






I visited Antonika with major tingling in my right arm which if untreated could have gotten worse and affect my guitar playin. Which would have not been good.  

After just three treatments my condition was greatly improved. Thank you Antonika


You know what it feels like to your best. You see the world differently because you have no pain, You feel truly blessed and grateful for being in a place of fitness and health.  You love rolling around in the grass with your kids, you get best sleep in your life. You help others move from a hopeless to helpless.  You are doing health, you are health. People at work wonder what you did and are asking you for your secrets. Your memory is a sharp as a sword, digestion is the best it's ever been and you feel young again. Not only that, you feel wise, educated and incredibly great about any future health issues. Together we are a team and we create solutions, physically, financially and spiritually. 


I have tried many things including massage therapy, physio therapy, chiropractors and even cortizone shots for the bursitis in my hip. I always continued to have some pain after. I visited Antonika on the cruise and decided to try that. I was very impressed with Antonika when we spoke. I was very nervous about this form of medicine, thinking it would cause more pain.

After four treatments I do feel some relief and know if I follow her plan, use the herbals I will continue to get better and get the relief I am looking for.
— Lena Wirachowsky