Becoming An Acupuncturist Never Dawned On Me, I Had No Idea What Chinese Medicine Was



For many years, I experienced extreme discomfort, pain and chronic UTI. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to afford healthcare, so That’s when I decided on a military career.  After eight years, of service, I still wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do and still lived with the same discomfort but with skin conditions and a weakened immune system. I thought it was just related to stress and started my career in yachting.

Five years of yachting came to a screeching halt when I didn’t feel mentally challenged. I became very bored and tired of the same job everyday.  I wasn’t happy, felt alone, and often spent my weekend dis-attached from crew life.  Still without health insurance, guidance, a mentor or a path, I didn’t know what was next in my life.  I decide to get Acupuncture  at a school in town that treated veterans for free once a week.  I didn't know much about the medicine, however, it was free, natural, and I thought it could help.  I was completely fascinated by the results. I received treatment to uplift my mood, support my bladder and for abdominal discomfort support. week after week, treatment after treatment I felt better, happier, more normal. I was in awe of what Chinese Medicine practitioners knew about this ‘magical’ form of healing and my health.  

One student suggested I enroll and my inquisitive spirit would be satisfied. For a moment I doubted myself. I didn’t believe I had the capacity to learn medicine.  At one point in my life, I was once told that I would never become a physician, I believed that to be true then. This was one of the very first lessons I learned that taught me to believe in myself.  

For The First Time In My Life I Went For What I Felt Was Right

I let my curiosity and desire to know more supersede my fear of not being good enough. Within a month I was a full time student enrolled in Chinese medicine school for the next four years of my life. I never saw a western medicine doctor and solely used acupuncture as a my primary care.   My calling to be an Eastern medicine physician arrived.  I knew this would be my future in that moment.  I stay home most weekend to read, study and listen to doctors and watch movies about medicine, I took school seriously, I struggled with the amount of information we had to learn in a short time.  I diligently kept my head in the books, I love studying and wanted to do it all day long. I knew that if acupuncture can uplift my mood and support my bladder, I had found my life's purpose. If I can feel amazing, not experience any side effects from treatment and have the ability to make a difference in someone else's life to that degree, I am living for what I am created for.

Eastern Medicine Change My Life

It propelled me to move beyond my biggest fears and overcome personal challenges that I knew I made.  It wasn’t just the time I persevered, but the time I took to understand myself and separated I was from nature and spirit.  It kept emotions from penetrating my body and help prevent disease.  All of the Eastern medicine modalities teach me to understand the ebb and flow of life. today i live my life on fire, I empower others to choose the best holistic choices for their families, now you can too. What if you could use these same tools to improve your life? I'm sure you are here because your goal is to know how to benefit from natures source.  Take the next step and I'll be your coach and you can join my team and be on your way to becoming a health coach too.  Which one would you like to start with first?

— Antonika Chanel

My faith in Chinese Medicine and Essential oils has been restored through Antonika's expertise and knowledge as an amazing practitioner. - Lynne Dunstam