Silver Unleashed

When I first started building my doTERRA business it was easy enrolling people. There was more to it than that. Things like placement strategy, how to keep my team motivated and conducting weekly meetings were a few of the things I was missing. 

I didn't know how important mindset was and how to actually meet people outside of my warm market. 

I quit doTERRA. I packed it in for almost a year. Then I found Tracey and knew that I could do it again. 

After all, every successful person has started over at some time in their career.  

Want to grow your doTERRA business?

Do you feel lost and unsure about how to build?

Is all the information spreadout and hard to find? 

Learn from your lateral leaders. We got you covered. 

Silver Unleashed is bound to get you there. This step by step process will give you everything you know from setting goals, understanding how to build your business, compensation plan, commissions and how to rank advance to silver in 60 days. 

>>>>>>>>>Get Me To Silver<<<<<<<<<

I love this course  because Tracey makes the learning process duplicateable. I refer to this program time and time again. 

Chakya Go Meditation, Yoga Mat and cushion

 Evanna Shafer Founder and CEO

Evanna Shafer Founder and CEO

If you know me personally, you would know that Sacred Geometry is my jam. Anything swirly facinates me. Why? Because energy moves in circles, it spirals out and so should we. I'm about flow, freedom and fun. Soooo Meet Evanna, creator of the circular yoga mat called ChakaYa. 

Traveling? Want to pack your yoga mat but annoyed that it takes up space? Maybe you just want to bring items that are multi purpose. 

I got you, packing for a majority minimalist, simple and lite, kind of life is my expertise.  

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 >>>>>Get your ChakaGo travel Meditation mat, cushion or blanket here<<<<

Vedante Institute - The school for Intellectuals


One of my most favorite studies since being committed to yoga🕉 is the study of life from a text called the Vedante.


Why?  A human being is constituted of spirit and matter.  Spirit is pure Consciousness. and matter consists of the gross, subtle and causal bodies..

He is the waker,  dreamer,  or the deep sleeper at any given point of time.

When consciousness expresses through the physical body he becomes the waker,  when consciousness expresses through the subtle body, the mind,  he becomes the  dreamer and when consciousness expresses through the causal body he becomes the  deep sleeper.

Consciousness is beyond the three bodies.. Consciousness becomes the base for the macrocosm as well as the microcosm.

A realised person exhibits power, whereas an ordinary man is a limited person with ego and ego-centric desires..

The realised person loves all and his love is not limited to himself or his family. His love encompasses the whole world. The whole world is his family. "vasudevakutumbakam"

The cause of sorrow in the world is due to  ignorance of the self.

One identifies oneself with the body, mind,  intellect and thinks of himself as a limited being. Hence he undergoes a lot of suffering and sorrow.  This sorrow and suffering can be removed only by knowledge of the Self.  Brahman,theAbsoluteGod, isall pervading. Only Brahman exists  and nothing else. Out of ourignorance we think the world of objects is real.

Vedanta takes the analogy of the snake-rope illusion to tell us that the world we perceive is also not real after all! One sees,  in a dark place, a snake in place of a rope and get filled with fear.  Some one corrects him and points out to him that it is actually a rope and not a snake.  The snake has been super imposed on the rope . The snake does not exist. As so on as the knowledge of the reality dawns, that only the rope is real,  the illusory snake disappears.  SimilarlywehavesuperimposedtheworldonBrahmanoutofourignoranceandwhenthisillusionisremovedbyknowledge, the truth is revealed to us. Only Brahman remains and nothing else..

The world is real only at the level of transaction, but it does not have absolute reality.

 'Step into the unknown let the unknown be your friend'. 😊🌅

Vadanta talks take place in Santa Monica and  Vadanta LA. I attend the talks with Joseph in Malibu at the Calimigos Ranch Tuesdays from 6-8pm. Enjoy the Tesla shuttle to the other side of the ranch.  All the talks are free. 


Activate Your Micro System With EarSeeds

Just like the circuit boards in our computer system, we have a biocircuit system. They are called the micro systems of the body. 

One of the systems that is the most popular is in the ear. Address pain, stress, anxiety with specific points on your own with out the need of a practitioner. 

Auriculotherapy meets Aromatherapy!

120 Ear Seeds on adhesive tape that have been infused with the uplifting and refreshing fragrance of pure orange essential oil.

The health benefits of Orange Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an anti-inflammatory & antidepressant, as well as evoking feelings of confidence, contentment & joy.

The orange scent is apparent when applying the seeds, enhancing the overall experience.

Aroma will slowly release from the seeds once they are applied to the ears, fading over a 12-24 hour period. For best results, store unused seeds in original packaging and out of direct sunlight. Scent should last up to 6 months when stored in original packaging.

Wellness Consult in a Minute

Since I've used essential oils over the years I think I've become pretty good at knowing what oils I need to apply on a regular basis. 

Giving a wellness consult can be a little more tricky. As a practitioner, we need to ask a lot of questions, look at different parts of the body and then come up with a protocol.  

Getting a full work up can take up to 45 minutes. I decide to get the iTovi,  iTOVi is your personal product expert. You can get it here for as little as $9.99 one time fee. 


With just a simple scan, this pocket-sized tool will help you understand what products your body wants. Using proven scientific technology and a patented algorithm, iTOVi takes the guesswork out of the growing world of essential oils and supplements.

I'n the past, I have used bio feedback as a tool which help me pinpoint the diagnosis. iToVi makes incorporating essential oils into my practice quicker easier and seamless. 

So whether you’re wanting to listen to your own body or help others understand their needs, the iTOVi scanner is the perfect companion.

I love this little gadget! It paid me back in the first week of using it, I create new contacts and have educated more people than I can imagine with essential oils. 

Highly Highly recommended. 

Calm Yourself Acupuncture Home School

You feel stressed or anxious more than you’d like, You’re capable of getting it all done; you look like you’ve got it all figured out, but you often feel overwhelmed.  You take excellent care of your family, your partner, your co-workers – sometimes at the expense of taking care of yourself. You’re willing to conduct experiments in the laboratory of your own body to see what works for you.  You are ready to feel different and are prepared to make changes to get there.

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Glass Spray Bottles

Glass Spray Bottles

Glass spray bottles make customizing your diffusers easy, reusable and fun. Make your own insect repellent, body spray or room spray and save so much money.  Want to lean more about essential oils and the Eastern approach to complementary health?  Get my free ebook the Truth about Chinese Medicine and join me on Facebook at That Chinese Medicine Chic

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