Calm Yourself Acupuncture Home School


 You feel stressed or anxious more than you’d like, You’re capable of getting it all done; you look like you’ve got it all figured out, but you often feel overwhelmed.  You take excellent care of your family, your partner, your co-workers – sometimes at the expense of taking care of yourself. You’re willing to conduct experiments in the laboratory of your own body to see what works for you.  You are ready to feel different and are prepared to make changes to get there.

The only problem is, it's a struggle to stay committed to a  routine practice or healthy eating habits, You’re often so busy that you don’t even know how you’re really feeling.  You’re relying on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol in order to feel good more often than you’d like to admit.  You’d rather take action than take pills. You’d be up for trying something like meditation or qi gong, but are wary of gurus, dogma and the latest fad so while you maybe able to string together a good day or two, you inevitably end up falling back into an unhealthy rut.  

It's ok thought, you're human! not to mention the fact you have a million things pulling you in a billion different directions: kids, work, family, friends, church, pta etc. 

I'm Antonika Chanel and I'm a health coach committed to helping busy individuals regain their control of their life and stress. When we work together you can expect a true partner on your journey to health and fitness. I am invested in your success because you deserve to feel happy in your own skin. 

If you are ready to create a less stress life change that is permanent and just a phase and you're ready to do it with a partner who truly cares about you and your happiness, then go ahead and clink the link  below so we can get started ASAP!