Silver Unleashed

When I first started building my doTERRA business it was easy enrolling people. There was more to it than that. Things like placement strategy, how to keep my team motivated and conducting weekly meetings were a few of the things I was missing. 

I didn't know how important mindset was and how to actually meet people outside of my warm market. 

I quit doTERRA. I packed it in for almost a year. Then I found Tracey and knew that I could do it again. 

After all, every successful person has started over at some time in their career.  

Want to grow your doTERRA business?

Do you feel lost and unsure about how to build?

Is all the information spreadout and hard to find? 

Learn from your lateral leaders. We got you covered. 

Silver Unleashed is bound to get you there. This step by step process will give you everything you know from setting goals, understanding how to build your business, compensation plan, commissions and how to rank advance to silver in 60 days. 

>>>>>>>>>Get Me To Silver<<<<<<<<<

I love this course  because Tracey makes the learning process duplicateable. I refer to this program time and time again.