Soda and Diet Soda- The Great Poison

I realize that you know that soda is bad for us, however we often reach for a can daily or for some of us, at weekend while at a BBQ with family and friends. Let me share with you what soda really is. The active ingredient in cola beverages is phosphoric acid and carbon acid. Together these acids form beverage with a pH level of 2.8, we can call that a 'rust cleaner'. It takes 32 glasses of water at 7.0 to neutralize one glass of cola. All disease thrive in an acidic environment, with every can of consumption we are depriving our body of being the organic being we are created to be.

Our blood PH must remain at 7.4. To maintain that range our body leach calcium (which is alkaline) from bones and teeth to correct a too acid condition thus leading the body to osteoporosis.

In numbers, 2.8PH soda is over 10000 times more acidic than distilled water! It takes 32 glasses of water at 7.0 to neutralize one glass of Diet Coke! of Diet cola is not better, diet coke fools the body with empty calories. In fact your body is starving because of the empty calories that soda contains. To compensate the body holds on to the empty calories and converts it into fat.

Some great alternatives to soda are organic fruit juices or water. These days I've seen organic soda that doesn't contain all the sugar that is found in each can of soda. The next time you reach for that can of soda, remember what it is associated with.

I write this blog to inform my friends, colleagues and anyone who is interested. Information extracted from Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack