The Role of Juicing in Reversing Chronic Degenerative Disease

Less than 7% of MD’s have any nutritional training in medical. Those that do complete less than one semester of training in nutrition.  Treatment care relevant to reversing and healing the body is up to the patient.  There is a 75% chances that your disease is caused by your diet, the patient has no way of knowing this if they are not given the correct information. Correct the cause of your disease by changing your diet 

Treat the root cause of the disease you face to heal and reverse the disease you are battling.  Our illnesses lie in what we are not eating.  Turn back to nature.  The body needs plentiful supply of vitamins and minerals to function optimally, foods it can digest and eliminate effectively.  It also needs phytochemicals.  When the body consumes food packed with preservatives waste does not leave the body in a timely manner and it begins to putrefy. Give the body what it needs is vital to the prevention and treatment of the root cause of chronic degenerative disease.  Eat raw and living foods like juice, juice is very effective in treating degenerative disease.

Degenerative disease comes from the inability of the gastro intestinal tract cells to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxicity at the cellular level.  The cells swell with sodium and their ability to produce energy and function is diminished.  This caused cellular changes to happen and degenerative diseases to begin.  Fresh juice flush the cells of sodium and restore potassium levels at the cellular level and cells begin producing energy effectively again which will help heal and repair themselves.

Juice is rich in enzymes that are destroyed when heated.  Processed juices have been heated and all the enzymes are killed.  Enzymes are the catalyst within the body that make all internal processes work. Several meals cooked are enzyme deficient,  this caused the body to pull enzymes from other processes and those processes are slowed down.

Eat a diet that is at  comprised of at lease 50% of living fruit and vegetables, nuts seeds and sprouted grains. Flood the body with needed nutrients to help restore balance.

Phytochemical's are known for their anti-cancer properties.  There thousands of phytochemical's contained within one plant.  They are destroyed when they are heated.

PH- Most people are too acidic, this comes from diet and disease presented in the body.  When the body is acidic the body process and organs are worn down and disease thrive.  Disease thrive in acidic environment but can not live in alkaline environment. Juicing helps restore the body’s PH. An optimal pH level is 7.4  All vegetables are alkaline. They also improve brain and heart function.  Slow down the aging process, improve joint function, better digestion and provide a less acidic environment for disease to exist.

These are just a few things about juicing read the full article here.

The Role of Juicing in Reversing Chronic Degenerative Disease

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

-Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)