Lumbar / Back Pain

Main manifestations of back pain occur after exposure to cold, damp, cold pain and heavy sensation in the dorso-lumbar region. Limited rotation, extension and flexion of the back, pain radiating  to the button and low limbs.  Symptoms aggravated by drop in barometric pressure. Pain is not relieved by lying position. The tongue coating is sticky and the pulse deep weak or slow. History of lumbar sprain manifest as stiffness and pain in lumbar region in a fixed place, limited extension and flexion of the lumbar region in the mild case. Limited rotation of the back in severe cases. Pain aggravated by pressure.

Light red or purplish dark tongue manifest. The pulse would be string-taug or hesitant.

Back pain due to Kidney Deficiency manifest as dull pain and weakness in lumbar region, lassitude, repeated attack of dull pain, pain aggravated by strain and alleviated by rest in bed. In case of KD Yg deficiency manifestations would appear in cold hands and feet, cramp in lower abdomen, feeling cold in the lumbar region. If Yn deficiency feverish in the chest, palms and soles, irritability, insomnia, dry mouth and throat. Tongue would look pale. Pulse would be deep slow  and tongue would be pale or pulse would be thready and rapid.

Check out Lumbago Flow Chart for an illustration of these manifestations.

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