Pharmaceuticals Kill- The Truth

As I get deeper into my study of medicine I have questioned the future and what kind of medical care there is to look forward to. I am in shock the more I learn about the pharmaceutical industry.  We are a nation that begs for affordable health care. Now that we are on the verge of getting what we want, I realize we just asked for a death sentence. For thousands of years people relied on alternative medicine. A hundred years ago there were more alternative medicine doctors than there were western medicine doctors. I have questioned the word "practice". Just what kind of practice are doctors running? I visited the Hippocrates Health Institute and picked up their publication called 'Healing our World'.  It was filled with several great articles. One that I feel compelled to share with you is about doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. Here are the high lights.

Americans spend over $307.4 billon dollars on pharmaceutical drugs in 2010.  A federal appeals court turned away the FDA's bid for over sight of the industry on the grounds of freedom of speech.  We are talking about a billion dollar industry that is created to get Americas hooked on drugs that are far from what nature intended.

Pharmaceutical companies frequently send drugs to doctors for them to distribute to their patients free of charge.  These same companies also hold seminars and courses that are not monitored for objectivity and may not be relevant to the doctor's specialties. There is a required disclosure of who finances a course and any ties to corporate sponsors. The classes are taught by paharm-funded specialist. Doctors are required to sit through these seminars and answer a quiz just to keep their state license an sometimes their malpractice insurance policies.

Pharmaceutical advertisements:

You know all those TV advertisement we see, the ones that encourage listeners to ask your doctor if drug X is right for you. These same advertisements are paid for by the same corporations who taught the doctors at their unmonitored course and seminars. Years ago pharmaceutical companies were not allowed to advertise.  Doctors were their only avenue for promoting new products.  Now the market is saturated with new drugs an it is much more difficult for doctors to keep up with the products and find out which are best to help their patients.

Prescription drugs kill 100,000 Americans per year from know side effects, that is more than twice as many deaths from auto accidents.  Melody Peterson conducted a study that only looked at deaths that were contributed to patients that took drugs just as the doctor directed.  This just show how dangerous medications are.

selling a product is the primary motivation of the pharmaceutical companies is.  AstraXenica, Glaxo SmithKline, Janessen, Vovartis, Pfixer Bristol Myers, Squibb, Eli Lilly, Shire and other are all in the business to make money for their investors.  The responsibility of these firms is to market drugs, not to dispense information about the drugs and their potential side effects to the general public.

This environment does not encourage doctors or patients to make informed decisions, it is not designed for the good of the people but for the good of the company.  The pharmaceutical industry is booming.

We the patients, must research the drugs anyone proposes we use.  We can not let ourselves be persuaded by advertisements or publicity to take product that we might not even benefit from.

Following a healthful diet and exercise program is the best basis for a life free of disease and drugs. We must take it upon our selves to find out if the product would truly help in our search for good health and a great life.

I encourage you to check out a movie called 'The Beautiful Truth'. Consider your future and your health. I encourage you to start making changes today, become aware of the food you eat and how to better take care of your health.


Doctors and Pharmaceuticals: Money Making Opportunities? by Dallas Lasalle

Reference: Is Your Doctor's Continuing Ed Funded by Pharma? by Martha Rosenberg Epoch times



Antonika Chanel

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