Alkaline Water Life System

Japan for the past 50 years has held a secret that only a few have been privy too until now... It's called "Water ionization", originally discovered by scientists it was found to have numerous internal cleansing and immune boosting benefits by those who used it. At BioMat, we have developed a power Alkai-Life Water Ionizer product that connects to your exiting water source and transforms your ordinary water into a powerful antioxidant on-demand.

Take a look:

When used it subjects your water to six layers of filtration, using advanced pH calibration and ionization with platinum-titanium electrodes.  It splits the water molecules into two streams of water. One that can be used for household cleaning and one that is pure and beneficial for drinking and washing.

Among the immediate benefits here are 5 long-term effects of using it:

  • It slows the aging effects of oxidization
  • It reduces exposure to disease from untreated water
  • It promotes healthy weight loss through reduced acidity
  • It boosts immunity for improved health and resilience
  • It increases nutrient absorption for increased vitality

Take advantage of it...

Test it for yourself.


Antonika Chanel

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