The Power of Negative Ions

An ion is a particle that is electrically charged and they are made in the air we breath.  We can not ignore the effects ions to live a healthy life, our health is dependent on the amount and quality of ions in the air. If we can control the amount of ions in our everyday life, it will have a positive effect on our health. Ions provide the body with energy. One of the important rolls the cells in our body has is the absorption of nutrition and elimination of waste.  If the absorption and elimination of wasted does not take place effectively the body results in adult diseases and cancers occur.  Anemia, allergies, shoulder pain, headaches, constipation, hepatitis, kidney trouble, insomnia, lumbago, neuralgia, gastroenteritis are all caused by an improper amount of ions in the body.

Negative ions purify our blood.  The ions in the calcium and salt in the blood increases and the blood is purified by increasing blood alkalinity.  When the amount of negative ions in the blood is increase the function of the cell is activated and the electrical material exchange speeds up the cell function nutrition is fully absorbed by the cell and waste material is eliminate.  The body's metabolism is increased and the function of the cell is gradually revived.  As the amount of negative ions increase, the Gamma Globulin in the blood increases as a result blood is enriched in protein and antibodies.  Negative ions also balance the autonomic nervous system by helping it develop a stronger resistance to disease.

How are we depleted of negative ions?

Synthetic fabrics decrease negative ions, the calcium in our blood discharges in our urine and our blood become acidified. This causes a nerve disorder that make's us feel tired.  Also the amount of glucose in our blood increases. Our body automatically controls this however  if the system is compromised  various symptoms occur.  Synthetic fabric also decrease the amount of Vitamin C in serum. As a result the resistance of our body is weakened causing stress.  Vitamin C deficiency is also caused by eating too many fast foods and too few fruits and green and yellow vegetables.

The ideal amount of negative ions for our health is 400 to 100 per cubic Centimeter of air.  This number is decreased when we use electrical devices, in constant contact with concrete walls and exposed to everyday pollution.  We experience headaches,  fatigue of or body and mind and insomnia.

the autonomic nervous system controls the internal secretion of hormones that regulate the human body. there is a sympathetic nervous system that increase the energy of the human body.  Sympathetic system keeps these two systems in balance.

A living cell exchanges nutritional and waste

through cell wall. When negative ions decrease the material exchange is slowed.  If negative ions are replenished the cell exchange returns to its normal status, the negative ions vitalize the metabolism of tissue.

The biomat is healing, and a more effective and desirable way to manage our health.

The next time you visit your acupuncturist ask about the biomat. It will change the way you feel and how your body heals.

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