Smoothies for Brain Function

Balancing life, work and school can be a challenging battle especially if raising a family is involved. Making sure we consume the proper amount of nutrition everyday without spending several hours in the kitchen can be done with a blender and organic fruit and vegetables. One of my favorite parts of the day are getting up to make a smoothie. Smoothies make a fast breakfast on the go and can last up lunch hour. Most importantly, the importance of smoothies to our healthy has a positive impact. Phytochemical's help heal the body and regenerate in amazing ways. Phytochemical's are like spark plugs, they energize the cells, when the cell receive nutrient they function at a more optimum level. Fiber and roughage from the fruits and vegtables we eat have phytonutrients that heal the body, food based healing is powerful. Including all appropriate skin, stems and seeds from washed fruits and veggies in your smoothies are extremely high in soluble fiber. Juicing is a wonderful method of flushing out our body however, the bulk fiber from the fruits and vegetables help clean the colon by getting into the wrinkles of our intestines and flushing out particles that have not quite made its exit out of the system. The difference, Juicing flush the body, smoothies are the daily maintenance. It is recommended to eat 5-8 or more fruits in veggies a day.

I use the blend tec, however almost any similar high power blender will work. High power blenders blends the ingredients to a micro level which makes it easier for the body to absorb and for us to consume. Once you start blending with a three horsepower blender on a regular basis you will love the way it makes you feel. Preparation time and clean up is quick which makes this way of living easy to sustain. I hit the market and buy all my produce on an early saturday morning. I wash and freeze strawberries, blue berries and banana and chop up the other ingredients a head of time and store in a ziplock bag. Here is a recipe for brain function. 1 1/2 C distilled water 2 years of fresh corn from the cob 1/4 raw pumpkin seeds 2 oz organic goji berries 1/2 lemon with pith and seeds 1/2 inch fresh ginger root 3 nodes fresh cilantro

One of may most favorite smoothies contains: 2c distilled water/ filtered water 8 oz organic strawberries 4oz fresh raspberries 2 fresh basil tops w/stem 1 1/2 spring rosemary leaves 3 fresh mint top w/stem 1 sliced ginger root 1/2 lime with pith and seeds

You can never go wrong with making up your own recipes, do what makes your body feel good and what taste good to the pallet.

"And God said, "Behold I have given you every herb bering seed, which is upon the face of all the Earth and every tree, in which is a tree yielding seed; to you i shall be for meat". Genesis verse 1:29

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