Ryan Bishop explores the Heart Body & Mind on the Island of Hawaii

Sometimes we just live life in search of an experience, sometimes we experience life and finding unprecedented meaning.20130103-212407.jpg Ryan lives life learning with every moment and breath, sharing his knowledge and philosophy of origination, healing and self exploration. At the turn of a new era Ryan embarked a new frontier, on an island in many little towns, meeting many familiar faces of energy, The Big Island Of Hawaii. There he practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gong on every mountain top visited, and every cliff he stood on, giving and receiving positive energy and negative ions. His bare feet, touched rock and jungle, they felt the cold and heat. He left his footprint with every step he took.

This photo gallery is dedicated to the celebration of Ryan Bishop's Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine. It marks the beginning of a new time when his words, his touch and his healing hands will guide the lives of many into unspeakable healing.20130101-124800.jpg

Ryan Bishop will be a practitioner of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in January 2013