Maintain A Healthy Gut

Maintaining a healthy gut can be hard but essential oils are strong and effective. They can help you keep your gut operating at peak efficiency and can strengthen your digestive system so you don’t grow microorganisms or other nasty things. Before I started using, we tried using another brand of oregano oil and it sort of helped, but not really. I was amazed when we started using food grade oils and how much more powerful these essential oils are.  These are very strong oils and you should definitely notice results.

The most common herbs to support maintaining a healthy gut

Oregano oil  burns like crazy so the only way you want to take it is in a capsule.  Either put the three oils in a capsule yourself – or buy  capsules that have oregano, lemon and a bunch of other good oils in them and then put a few drops of Digest oil in your water with each meal. Clove is also in a special blend  that is an option of taking clove in a pill form.