Hangover Remedy for All My Party People

One of my best girlfriends is a bartender in a very busy club three days a week. I would cringe every time I see her use some kind of syntactic drug. We came up with this brilliant idea. The Hangover Remedy. 2-3 drops of each in a roller ball with fractionated coconut oil In a bath bomb recipe In a spray bottle with distilled water and a drop or two of fractionated coconut oil

In a Shot Glass add one drop of each





before and after consumption and drink responsibly.

Get your collection of oils from my online store because these oils really do work I tried them my self and my bartender friend loves it so much we do DIY classes at Lucky's Tavern in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

What's the difference between my oils and the oils in the store? Oh let me tell you they are totally not the same. I use oils that that stands behind the quality and purity of their product. Food Grade quality standard for essential oils, exceeds industry standards. This means we protect the chemical compound of the plant just as it was produced from the earth. We don’t need to improve upon that. There is more.

"If we have the care, the scientific knowledge, the commitment and the integrity, we can preserve that.” -Dr. David K. Hill, Chief Medical Officer

sources essential oils from a number of growers and distillers from around the world.

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