How Does It Feels To Make a Difference In The World?

What are your searching for in life? New friends, acceptance, love, money, status, success? For what purpose? What is the purpose in life? Really? Where we just sent here as an experiment or is their a real mission for our existence? What are we living for our kids, a good time, hope? All my lifeWhat would your life be like if you took-4 I have asked myself these questions not knowing that I would ever find the answer. The universe, God sources is so faithful. Today I like to share with you how it feels to make a difference in the world. What life is like when I live at 100%.

I live in the most amazing apartment in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I have a masters degree in Oriental Medicine. I have traveled the world and raised by great parents. I take life by the horns, well at least I think I do. I am a Taurus if that makes sense. It kinds sounds like I have an amazing life right? In the grand scheme of things, I didn't think I was ever good enough, worthy, or deserving and I judged myself based on what I haven't accomplished and what others have. I took others way too personal and didn't even know it. I hardly stood up for myself, at the end of the day, I learned to just let life happen. I knew their was something more.

I did know I was born with a burning desire and passion to make a difference in the world. How was I going to do that? I'm just this average girl with a dream. I never thought how much of a difference I could make in someones life till this past weekend. This weekend was one of the top three experiences in my entire life. I felt unconditional love, I felt sadness, closeness, I saw in others, the same story I had been living.  I became apart of an intimate group of people who made a decision to try something different. In three days we took a good look at ourself and how we show up in life. I saw that in life we bail out on our friends our family, we don't participate, we wait for someone else to take action. we just go with the flow, agree with others make excuses, let our circumstances rule us. We live behind walls that we started building at a very young age. Walls are made up of distrust, anger, resentment, pain. How do we get on in life living our best life now? Some say, 'Oh life it self teaches me how to make the best decisions in life' or 'I learn based on other peoples experiences'. Really? What about your own experiences? What about your life?

A journey of a life time begins with one step. That one step is taken alone or in companionship. If I were to take you by the hand and walk through all the moments in your life like it were a film being played back at you,  what would you share? When it's over how would you feel?

No matter what life you share, your journey is your journey. When I was taken by the hand that very day I decided to try something different, I saw who I really am, I got to see who I am really created to be. The three year old spirit I was came back to life.  I saw transformation. To see one transform before your eyes in a way you never thought possible just because you decided to listen, and decided to inspire others to be on a continual path of growth in their life, is the most incredible feeling in the world!

I got uncomfortable, I embraced honest and open communication I created closeness with  a room full of people I didn't even know.   I got a sense of my authentic self and I discovered who I really am.  I saw my past catalyst of my future and the past catalyst of others instead of excuses.  I saw others become empowered and develop the tools to play the game of life like a rock star.  Have you ever empowered anyone in your life by a new concept of responsibility that frees you? have you ever found peace and joy in a new decisiveness or have you even understood how to  choose to shift out of negative feelings?

That's the difference I made in one weekend. I contributed my life, my spare time to people I didn't know, people who at first didn't care about who I was. I walked with them, I held them up, I took a stand for everything they are and will be. There is nothing in the world that is more rewarding than seeing humanity change their perspective, see life in a different and new light. Their is nothing in the world that is more rewarding than touching the heart and soul of men and women who become a live the moment they see how they have been showing up in life.

You deserve the best life you can live. You can have everything you ever dreamed of if you choose to try something different. The feeling inside my heart is grateful, fulfilled, purposeful. No money in the world can ever replace the feeling of making this life changing difference in someone's life. All I did was just by share with them the Journey. Their is nothing more rewarding than to be the source of your own existence, and being born into a family of people who love and accept you for exactly who you are.

To make a difference in the world is to make a difference in our universe, to raise the frequency a hundred notches higher. To make a difference in the world is the most incredible feeling in the world. To make a difference in the world is to learn to love and be loved.

Would you like to join me on this Journey? I am ready to give you unconditional love. Come and take the Journey with me and live at 100% all the time.

Im a Magnificent, Intelligent lovable woman. Who are you?


Antonika Chanel

I help others breakthrough physical and mental health challenges using holistic medicine modalities. I empower women to take back their power and embrace womanhood. I give people around the world their first experience with Acupuncture on the Regal Princess PCL