Set Back is a Setup for Something GREAT!


Have you ever asked yourself,  "how much time do I spend in relationships with new people?" What about taking a big sigh in the sun? Let me share with you some highest of my past week. It's been some time since I've taken time to soak in the Florida sun.  This week I took time to build new relationships with others in a completely new industry learning about the "Freight Broker industry". This billion dollar industry involves helping manufacturers get their product from factory to customers and I was there to experience some of that at a National  freight broker conference at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood Florida.

  Talk about being lost in the forest, head deep in jargon and foreign vocabulary--in a word "Overwhelmed"!  Overwhelmed and completely excited about it--getting out of my comfort zone and loving it!  This is where I want to be, in the zone of uncomfortability, where I/we all grow and discover new things about ourselves. That's where we find new strengths and improve on our weakness.

I find balance this week hanging by the beach with this couple.


No fear, when I feel like I'm overwhelmed, I ask the universe for help, I'm specific in my question(s). Soon enough you will be brought to others that can piece your life together. Soon enough you'll be experiencing new and fascinating perspective by the beach or whatever you have in mind that confirms you are on the right path to wherever you are journeying to.


Antonika Chanel

I help others breakthrough physical and mental health challenges using holistic medicine modalities. I empower women to take back their power and embrace womanhood. I give people around the world their first experience with Acupuncture on the Regal Princess PCL