The Benefits Of Essential Oils-

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When people think of essential oils the thoughts of aromas, spas, beauty products and perfumes come to mind. Have you experienced the aromatic fragrances of essential oils? In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils provide plants with protection against natural predators and disease while playing a role in plant pollination. Essential oils have therapeutic benefits that effect us mentally, physically, and emotionally. The natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers are used to extract the oils from the plants that are so important in their benefits to humans.

There are numerous benefits to using essential oils which are most commonly used in food, as powerful cleansing and purifying agent, body care and to protect against environmental and seasonal threats,.  They are commonly used individually or blended to create signature scents or support healthy cell function.  The some of the most versatile essential oils are Lemon Lavender and Peppermint which are known have over 100 ways to benefit users.  One example, lemon essential oil, not to be confused with lemon juice, is an excellent cleansing and purifying agent and has therapeutic properties extracted from the rind of the lemon through a cold press procedure. It's also a great detoxifier and aids in weight loss  and has a positive effect on the nervous system.  Lemon essential oils makes an excellent lemonade in addition to an excellent refreshing lemon water drink. Peppermint, another household favorite, makes us feel cooler on a hot day, and is also a wonderful breath freshener great for head tension and calms a upset stomach. Finally, their's lavender, the most widely used essential oil known for its relaxing therapeutic effects calming the nerves under stressful conditions. It makes a wonderful "lavender lemonade" and is an excellent for relaxing qualities, soothing accessional skin irritations and for a restful night's sleep.

When choosing essential oils, carefully research brands that identify their methods of harvesting, purity and potency. The purest form of essential oils are labeled with supplemental facts and are food grade. Consult an essential oil expert before applying any essential oils to the skin as all essential oils are NOT created equal, and proper education in essential oils is highly recommended to achieve the best results  of natures truly natural solutions. Although the American medical profession has been slow to embrace the therapeutic therapies of essential oils, good scientific data is more abundant today supporting the therapeutic benefits of these plant based oils.

Essential oils also have a wider application than just human use, they are absolutely safe for pets. Remember, when using essentials oils on children, it is recommended they be applied with a carrier oil because of the powerful effects. Smaller bodies require a gentle introduction of the oils into the immune system through the use of a  carrier (coconut or olive) oil reducing the potency for young children. What essential oils would you choose? For more information about the 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, the power of essential oils, how to choose the best ones for you and your family visit, Natural Medicine and Essential Oil Wellness Expert or contact me by email  at