Homemade Chai Tea


It's about that time for me to make another batch of Chai Tea. I thought I'd take a break and try one from Trader Joes. To my amusement, there's not a Chai Tea out there that beats the one I make with !

Take the "Antonikachanel" challenge and test my method here it is:

Brew 3-4 bags of black tea in a glass pitcher of water. (Preferably the ones with a latch for short term storage).

2-3 drops ofCardamom oil

2-3 drops of Clove oil

2- drops ofCinnamon oil

2-3 drops of Ginger oil

Drink hot or cold over almond milk or cashew milk. I uses maple syrup for sweetner.

Vola! This batch should last a few weeks in the fridge. If not...well I told ya so it's good!


Antonika Chanel

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