Living Below Deck


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I would describe my past careers as, very colorful montage of skills and abilities, full of extensive travel. Among the top three careers my dream jobs was to become fluent in yachting on and below deck. I wanted to live an impressive life on a big white boat. I first heard of yachting when I lived in Tenerife Spain. Big boats pulled into Santa Cruz, Tenerife to full on their way to the Mediterranean for the season.  After living in Florida for almost three years, I had no clue Ft. Lauderdale was the yachting capitol of the world, until I came to the end of my Coast Guard career in 2009.

I beat feet back to Ft. Lauderdale took all the required classes and hit the docks running up gang ways, down passerelles across planks to hand over my CV and charm the Captain into hiring me as crew. I got my first big break as a deckhand on Four Aces 184 Bennetti. There were 12 crew and that was a boat I'll never forget. Once I was in the industry it was cake getting on another boat, however I had to prove myself to be the best, turnover rate is high. I finally made my break as a Chief Stewardess on a 130 ft Westport, the time I spent on Mary Alice II was the most amazing experience of my entire career.

As the chief stewardess I was the person ultimately responsible for the interior of the vessel and for providing superior hospitality service to meet the owner’s and guests’ expectations. Charters were long 16 hour days for seven sometimes fourteen days at a time. After three years I soon learned that this high demanding job was just a job and not a career. I quickly need to find an exit strategy that would allow more flexibility in my life. While I was in yachting I frequently visited the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine to get Acupunture treatment in-between boat trips. It wasn't long before I became turned on to holistic medicine and essential oils.

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