Roasted Turkey Recipe by Christy Brown #UrChef


The ingredients in roasted turkey are:

cumin, oregano, sage, thyme, black pepper and lime essential oils. Other seasoning used for this recipe are paprika, white pepper, Kosher salt, curry ,tumerick and garlic.

About Thyme

Thyme oil is a warm herbaceous floral powdery oil, it comes from the leaf of a plant.  Its primary benefits are cleaning and purifying the skin, support a healthy immune system, and repel insects.  Time is commonly used as a seasoning, it produces a potent essential oil that has a cleansing effect. It is  high in a chemical content called thymol.  This oil should be diluted with fractionated coconut oil when applying topically. Time oil is also in our nacho with ground turkey recipe.

About Black Pepper

Black pepper is a hot sharp fruity spice it comes from the fruit of the plant. It is commonly used as a cooking spice that enhances flavor. Black pepper oil is high in monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, and known for is anti-oxidative activity. Black pepper strengthens the immune system and keeps away seasonal threats. Black Pepper promotes circulation and it's to be used with caution because it is a hot oil.

For topical use, dilute black pepper with fractionated coconut oil. For internal use take 1 to 2 drops and a veggie capsule when seasonal threats are high. If you do not have a veggie capsule, add to a shot glass of juice, also known as a wellness shot.

About Sage

Sage comes from the flower of the plant. It is a woody herbal coniferous oil. Sage promotes healthy looking hair and scalp, a restful nights sleep, and promotes calming and soothing skin. Sage is one of the most relaxing soothing and balancing essential oil. Diffusing Clary Sage promotes relaxation and a restful night sleep. Check out our stuffing recipe. Sage is one of the oils included.

About Oregano

Oregano's main chemical component is Carvacrol and is an excellent agent that supports the digestive and respiratory functions oregano is an excellent source of antioxidants, a powerful cleansing agent and purifying oil. One drop can help maintain healthy immune function, respiratory function and digestive by promoting the secretion of digestive juices. Oregano acts as an enhancer and equalizer. Add to essential oil blend or one in place of dried oregano and spaghetti sauce or a roast. Oregano can be taken more frequently when seasonal threats are high or as needed.

Always dilute one drop of oregano with fractionated coconut oil to the area desired. This soil is a very hot oil. Caution if you have skin sensitivity, if you are pregnant nursing or under doctors care. Avoid contact with eyes in her ears and sensitive areas.

About Cumin

Cumin is only offered once a year through our company.  It promotes oral health, support digestive system and relief of pain on digestive  discomfort. An ancient oil since 2000 B.C., cumin impacts your recipes, only a small amount of cumin is needed for cooking. Use the toothpick method. This method is done drawing a toothpick in into the essential oil bottle and stirred the toothpick in your recipe. Cumin can be added to entrées including chili, curry soup and salsa can also be used for meats and marinades. When using cumin topically dilute with fractionated coconut oil and apply to the stomach for digestive discomfort. Add one drop to 4 ounces of water and gargle to promote oral health. A 5 mL bottle of cumin will yield 80 drops. This oil essential oil is only available during the summer months.

The Recipe


Cumin1 drp ( please use toothpick method)

Oregano1 drp

Sage1 drp


Blk pepper1drp


Evoo ½ cup


Paprika ½ tbs

White ppr ½ Tbs

Kosher salt 1Tlbs

Curry 1tps

Turmeric ½ tbs

Garlic 4 pressed cloves

Directions: Rinse turkey set a side.1 Mix evoo with Essential oils and dry seasonings then rub on turkey. After seasonings are rubbed on turkey put in preheated 350* oven for 1 ½ depending on the size of breast. I suggest using a thermometer removing at 165*setting aside to let the juices rest then carve

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