Qualities of an Entrepreneur


This information touched me. Being an Entrepreneur isn't easy, however when I am reminded of these qualities I realize how much more I am so passionate about why I do what I do.

  1. Ambition. Ever wonder why goals work? Part of the reason lies in the fact that if you have an idea of where you want to go, it is much easier to get there. This is why it is also important to have a “why” to give purpose to your goals for the future. As an added bonus, when you have a goal that makes you so excited that you spend every waking hour thinking about it, then you have the drive to get over the obstacles that will come in your way.

To do: Focus on figuring out your purpose (your why) for building a business, and where you want to see yourself in the future.

  1. Confidence. Don’t be stuck in the trap of thinking that only people who are extroverted are confident. Confidence involves a huge amount of self-awareness and knowing that you have the abilities you need to succeed. Work to have confidence in the quality of your work and especially in yourself.

To do: Focus on having a plan, which gives you something to fall back on in any situation. Focus on building your confidence by building your skillset.   

  1. Determination. People who stick with their goals and never lose sight of the big picture eventually make it there, no matter the challenge. This isn’t to say that they aren’t flexible—you can feel free to adjust your goals as needed. Rather it is about sticking to your goals even when the day has been hard. Leaders often tell their teams the mantra: “You can’t quit on a bad day.”

To do: Replace negative thoughts in your mind with positive ones. Come up with an encouraging mantra that will help you in tough moments.

  1. Leadership. A successful Wellness Advocate cannot get anywhere unless they can lead their team towards their goals. Developing your own characteristics makes you an inspiring person, but you also need to know how to delegate important tasks and communicate to create a strong team.

To do: Work on making what you do duplicable so that you have a process to hand your team instead of a vague task. But, also allow your team members growing space and then work on giving them effective feedback.

  1. Humility. According to Don Emerson Davis Jr., Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Georgia State University, humility is two things: an accurate view of the self, but also a view of the world that is other-oriented rather than self-focused. In essence, this comes down to being teachable, accepting feedback and setbacks with grace, and being able to listen to feedback in a way that creates change.

To do: Accept and apply constructive feedback, especially from those close to you about both your weaknesses and your strengths.

  1. Risk-taking. Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone? This might not seem like the wisest idea, and we aren’t talking about taking on challenges just to take on danger. Instead, learn how to take smart risks that will get you where you want to be. For some, it may feel like a risk to even mention to friends and family a way that you use the oils, but that’s a necessary first step for starting your business.

To do: Try one thing a day that scares you.

  1. Organization. This one may seem like a non-essential, but if you are well organized your entire work-life balance can become easier to manage. It also means that the important details won’t get lost in the middle of day-to-day activities.

To do: Look at creating work hours for yourself and planning out your daily and monthly activities in advance. Get an agenda or calendar to write everything down.



Antonika Chanel

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