4 Benefits of Mastering Crucial Conversation

  On Sunday's I dedicate my day meeting new people at the Sunday Market on Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale. I am enriched by the conversations I have, the people I meet and the friendships I make. However, mastering conversation is an everyday practice. Here are four benifits of learning how to master conversations. 1. Enhance our career possibilities Getting to know others builds relationships, trust and confidence. These are the qualities that make others feel safe to work with one another. 

2. Strengthen our relationships. A good relationship is open to communication, something different and looking at any perspective free of judgment. Consider what the other person is going through and be ok with just knowing that building strength in conversation takes time. Time builds trust, trust builds longevity.

3. Improve our physical/mental health overall. Personal and professional development is an all time must. Engage in e-courses, identify with the kind of physical and mental health you desire and create it by trying new habits. We learn, share and grow in all aspects of life when we discover how to live whole and our best version. That's the goal right?

4. Improve our organizations and communities. Being actively involved in our communities, showing up for others opens up new conversations and allows us to get to know one another and how we can build each other up in spirit. You might have an expertise that someone else is looking for therefore creating new opportunity. You are one of a kind, others want to know you. Consider being wrong about being right, getting comfortable being uncomfortable and being ok with not looking good. After all we all put our pants on the same way. 


Antonika Chanel

I help others breakthrough physical and mental health challenges using holistic medicine modalities. I empower women to take back their power and embrace womanhood. I give people around the world their first experience with Acupuncture on the Regal Princess PCL