Most Powerful Moment


Experiences are a representation of a physical state of being. Looking back on my yachting career today, I couldn't be more thankful for the experiences I chose. We are so much more than the stories we tell.  The very first time I had visited a boat show in Florida, I had envisioned myself apart of this fascinating Yachting industry.  It didn't matter what anyone said, I knew I was going to make Yachting my career. Years later, after four years of medical school I find a renewed since of belonging, a calling.  I am an Acupuncture Physician that lives with passion, who possess incredible capabilities to empower others, create solutions and lives without limitations.  Do you just exist or do you LIVE?

My most powerful moment, happens when I am in the moment of living. In five years of yachting, traveling the Caribbean, in service to the fearless dreamers of the world, yacht owners and charter guest, I observed the value of never ceasing to dream. I have a Coast Guard career and a Yachting career in one hand and a medical career in the other.  How do the two come together? They complement each other and they offer a variety of opportunities.  Pack your tool box with an arsenal of abilities and be in awe with who you are created to be.

You see, we are free to explore the entire nature of every single experience, we decide the feelings we want to communicate and the emotions we want to feel. We live within a capacity beyond any concept of limitation, our experiences are the reflection of our inner infinite being presenting itself outwardly.

To interview the most incredible visionaries, engineers, developers in the most exclusive industry is the most epic experience I have ever had. As I sit here writing this, I chuckle, just a few years ago, being a deckhand on a 184ft Bennetti was the most epic experience. Be open to the idea that life unfolds in just the exact way that you manifest it.  Put your energy, your heart, your mind on what you desire and let the universe conspire while you watch your life unfold.

Kevin A. Walton wrote, 'A greater exploration of who we really are and who we can become in our own creative expression, is not about the pursuit in acquiring things that we can not be without.'

To me it's about the difference we can make in the lives of others.  Every being I meet, every person that gives a moment of their time, makes an impact on my life in the most profound way. Many years later, powerful moment after powerful moment, I look back and say, 'Ahh wow the distance I have traveled is pretty incredible. What's next?' I'm ready. In the next few months is going to take you places you never thought you'd ever see from your device.  I invite you to not just exist, but to LIVE to your fullest potential, to the maximum being, from the inside out. Step out of your comfort zone. You only live once.