YOU are Your Brand

As I started to develop my home-based business I was a little confused about what it meant to brand myself. I was unfamiliar about marketing.  I thought branding is for bigger companies. With the age of the internet  I discovered that building my brand is the best thing that can happen to me. It's a  very valuable aspect of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Ask your self, 'How do you want to be known? How do you stand out from the rest?'. Your brand expresses your personality and uniqueness. Be seen as the trusted expert of your company. Build your brand in such a way that if your company disappeared tomorrow, others will still know your brand. Branding is about others visiting your website and knowing what you are all about.

Being visible and creating valuable content is the basis of a strong foundation.  Be visible across all social media platforms, focus on the client and plan out a theme for the week, month or day. Get to know what is current and what others are talking about. Knowing what is going on in other's lives will help us to be seen as an expert in our business.

We want to expand our reach by creating an online presence in our niche market. Online business increased your network around the world. It generates new leads, increased the size of your email list. Your website is tool that educates and provides value. My tip of the day, start with what you can. If this means one social media network at a time than do that. Ask yourself how can I improve my online presence using social media. build your brand