Becoming A Better Yoga Student Means...


What’s a yoga instructor? A tall, skinny, flexible, woman who never gets angry or harms anyone or anything.

Ha, well that’s what I thought before I even considered training to become one. In fact, I never even considered becoming a yoga instructor, I just wanted to be a better student. Along the way I learned so much more.

Back in 2016 I met Micheal Baez owner of Awaken Warrior Yoga at a convention in Ft. Lauderdale where I started my journey practicing yoga daily. Before that, I was spending at least $35 for a drop in class anywhere in the city where ever I happened to be. I discovered that getting in my car to get to a class and then rushing to my next appointment was more of a hassle then getting out of bed having my tea and rolling onto the floor to start my own flow for the day.

My biggest take away in becoming an instructor were all very wonderful lessons that I love to share.

Yoga helped me become more centered

Having a daily routine or practice evolved from using essential oils daily, eating more green and staying committed to my yoga routine. I saw that I was much slower to anger. I slept better and I recovered better after a hard workout. I took my practice all around the world from the Bahamas to Alaska. I traveled with this special collection of oils called the Yoga Collection.

ALIGN centers, opens and enhances your capacity to come back to the heart of the matter. Perfect to use mid-practice, perhaps as you or your students are taking a seat to absorb what they’ve accomplished thus far. Lovely for postures like Warrior III, Triangle

ANCHOR grounds, attunes and refines your capacity to listen and steady yourself. Great to start a practice, on hands, pulse points, inner arms, feet (if you’ll be sitting for a few minutes, until it is absorbed). Try this with Seated Meditation, Seated Twists, and Bhu Mudra (one hand to heart, other hand fingertips to the Earth).

ARISE enlightens, brightens, and uplifts. For your heart, your third eye (as long as you’re not going to the sunlight soon after your practice, as it contains citrus which are sun-sensitive), top of your head. I love a few drops on my forearms just before sun salutes or standing side stretch. Also perfect for diffusing and for your diffusing jewelry.


Food is medicine

I took food more seriously, I made green smoothies by Jeff Permack from his book Smoothie Formula (check out his Free PDF version) 87 green smoothie recipes according to deficiencies. Of course I indulge in foods I love, I am very discipline when I am at home. I encourage you to find one recipe that you can stick with for a few weeks and make that your go to. His smoothies are guaranteed to promote healthy gut and better bowl movements.

You are what you think

Your mind is an abyss of thoughts. Yoga calms the mind so it can rest and be filled with thoughts that create good habits and ideas. I learned to focus my thoughts through the practice of prayer. Yoggies call this Japa Meditation. Japa Meditation is repetitive mantras that energies our heart and our mind. You can use scripture, mantras or words of affirmation.

The 108 mala beads on the mala (string) represent the 108 energy channels surrounding the heart. The heart has 60 times more electromagnetic energy than the brain. Hold the mala beads in front of your heart during meditation.  

Use the middle finger and thumb to move the beads in meditation. We start on the bead right after the bead with the tassel. The tassel bead is called the Guru bead (spiritual teacher or master) or the Meru (mountain or Devine). It's like starting at the foot of the mountain and climbing up and back down the other side. 

What are are your daily routines and how have the helped you become a better person?

In Health and Light,

Antonika Chanel