Soft Launch Of h2o Protocol at Palm Beach Boat Show2016

Florida is the Yachting capital of the world and we couldn't own that title without water. We need to protect our water.  We are spreading the message to all boaters that water can be fun, sexy and totally theraputic.  


Have you ever tried food grade essential oil in your water? You know like peppermint, wild orange or lemon. No?Well now is your chance. Join us in the hype. We are headed to Palm Beach Boat Show to check out what yacht crew are drinking in their water to stay hydrated. Participate with us. Contact me to get your free sample and follow the guidelines on our website. We want to know what you think and what other people are saying. Water will never be the same after this. ✨😀


Antonika Chanel

I help others breakthrough physical and mental health challenges using holistic medicine modalities. I empower women to take back their power and embrace womanhood. I give people around the world their first experience with Acupuncture on the Regal Princess PCL