There isn't any thing more exciting to me right now, than all the advanced technology that is being released. The digital age is getting more exciting. The more I observe, the more amused I become at how the medical field is evolving. I know that if I had not gone to medical school myself, I probably would have become a computer geek. 

The most fascinating app I've seen yet is SirenMD. SirenMD featured their product at SocialMediaBootcamp Digital Health launch party in Miami. SirenMD launched and is being used among medical doctors and sports teams across the country. The biggest feature that attracted me to this app is, the users ability to communicate with other doctors anywhere in the world through an application in real-time. that supports notes regarding a patients condition. MRI, X rays and other documents can be uploaded in moments. No need to wait weeks for a follow up doctor to receive a patients records. HIPPA privacy protected, users must be invited to interact with doctors and view information.  

SirenMD's main focus is working with professional sports, college athletes, amateur sports and concussion experts. Soon to be used for athletes during the Olympics this year, this app will improve communication, patient care and improve the time it takes to receive information across the world.  I asked, while at the launch if holistic medicine doctors will have access to this type of technology. The answer is yes, as long as the physician has been invited by an admin. This could be a fresh start for new Acupuncturist to integrate ancient medicine with modern design. 

learn more about the developers at and discover how your health practice can start using this app.