Seeking Escape Fire-The State of Healthcare in the U.S.



Just the other day I was in Miami to see an independent film called Seeking Escape Fire. It was one of those movies that confirmed why I am on this path and why I am so passionate about helping others find hope in a healthcare system that seems to be so backwards.

Montana Fire 1940-The answers are among us.  How are we going to get health care to the present system? We don't have a healthcare, but a disease management system.

I don't mean to hurt any feelings but for some reason that just seems to resonate with me. I mean when was the last time that one has considered that the simple choices we make in our lives can make a powerful difference. 

Product companies by law have to pay shareholders. We are mortgaging the future the health of a nation. So who's doing all the talking about natural ways to complement this healthcare system? Why doesn't social media or even mainstream media provide us with the truth about our food industry?

In a community healthcare center people can't afford medication so the government pays you based on how many patients are seen.  

Instead of basing outcome of patient it's based on the number of patients that are seen. We are in the year of for-profit medicine.   

Patients come back for the same problems over and and over and we never get down to the problem. 

conventional medicine puts bandaids on patients. Disease process keeps going. The door is become revolving door.  

Patients are in desperate need of care. We spend 2.7 trillion dollars per year spent on healthcare. 3000 in other world 8000 in US and we have worse health outcomes. 

US life span ranks 50. We have a disease system that doesn't want you to die and doesn't want you to get better.

theres a tremendous healing capacity we all have. Nutrition is omitted from medical education. Arizona center for intergrative medicine. 

Medical training is focused on test and not preventative medicine. Body wants to be healthy it would be great to have a balance in western medicine.  Drug treatment has its place. Try to change the mindset that has taken hold that says drugs are the only way to treat disease. 300billion dollars on drugs. We are taught why wait we when we can just take a pill.  

Doctors wanting to please patients will prescribe medication. Over medication is a national problem especially in the military tripled in the past 5 years. More soldiers die from non combat. 

the right mix of treatment needs to be implemented to treat solider. When a guy sees his buddy die that's taxing.  The approach to pain is to get medication.  Patients Han have 5-10mg of morphine. Patients become so drowsy they don't know how much they have taken.  

There's all this stuff in medicine that's harmful.  

Miami- patient receive more care, drugs and test. Dartmouth group discovered.  

187k people die in hospital 3rd leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

the health of others go untreated for years. 20% of patients account for 80% of care. A better idea is to Treat 20% of patients in a more effective way.  

we have become a culture of fast food related to lifestyle habits.  Most don't have healthcare insurance. Healthy diet food cost more.  

Obesity is growing fast, next to stroke, heart disease and diabeties. 

product companies have to serve share holders.  To make more policies have to be raised insurance companies can raise the rates.   

In remote areas there are population can't get insurance. people get care in barn stalls. 

Our forfathers were about patients and healing when medicine became a business that changed.

30% increase in heart attack in diabetic Med and leading cause of death in diabeties is heart disease. Increase heart attack by ⅓. The FDA did nothing about it. 600M to settle law suits 200k death because of avandia.  

Power lies with corporations.  Lobbist in congress are powerful. They make sure no new laws prevent their efforts.  

Because money is involved getting Americans to do what's right for the people I creating a handicap. 

military system is onfire. Service members are not able to return to normal qualtity of life. 

Acupuncture implemented in military recovery treatment center in Ramstine Germany. Do we have good evidence that Acu is effective for pain? Of course we do. However the military hasn't figured out how to get acupuncture into the system so it is widely available. 

We need to empower people to change their lives.  We have a model that works using diet and life style.  

Soldiers suffer Mental illness and find it difficult to get the help they need. Catching the effects of PTSD before they arrive can be handled with mediation.  

If the military can effectively integrate acupuncture and meditation then the rest of the country will learn to intergrative the same practice. 

 Allow your employees to become more health by encouraging health practices.  

Create a patient centered system for the future. We can change our health care, but not until we can change orconversation. 



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Antonika Chanel

I help others breakthrough physical and mental health challenges using holistic medicine modalities. I empower women to take back their power and embrace womanhood. I give people around the world their first experience with Acupuncture on the Regal Princess PCL