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 Inspired by his sisters Story diagnosed with ovarian cancer while carrying a child. Now Dr. McAlees works with athlete to performs their best. 

I was inspired by his message that I thought i share his story and message. Here we go...

God designed the body to heal even at the deepest level. Innate inborn ability to heal and get better. Drugs artificially make up for what the body isn't doing. 

Most doctors don't look for the cause. Their paradise isn't interested why you are sick, but what drug to give you and what appointment make. Order labs to put you on a drug.  

50% of thyroid disease is caused by depression. Hormones are constantly adapting to what you need. "No doctor will ever be better than the intelligence inside your body"  Dr. McAlees

Address why they thyroid or disease is malfunctioning.  

What makes a person operate at their best. What makes the human best.  

Have you had your blood checked? Regular blood check is just a check that keeps you a live. There optimal ranges to control weight management.  We look at optimal range,  

only 3% of people diagnosed will ever get better again.  The standard of care is not good enough be the 3%.  

Most common symptoms are-  

Mir can take ten years for blood chemistry to show your blood is out of range. 

27 mil have thyroid condition 50% don't know what is wrong.  80% are in women

80% have hypothyroidism

80% are autoimune

thyroid medication never works. Do the drugs fix the problem? Do the symptoms come back? If the body makes 100% and it's only makeing 70% drugs tells the body to make less thyroid function. Taking the medication induces the disease to become more expressive. 

standard treatment- hormone replacement therapy a 50 year old model. Standard of care is the exact same drug as it was 50 years ago and is the option if u want to be medicated.  

80% thyroid hormones does nothing to relieve your symptoms. It's the doctors only option. 

Sthntells you how loudly your brain to work. Not one study has ever been published that says you have a healthy thyroid when your TSH is within normal value.  

Whats the solution-  

genes are like a software. To make hormones body activated a gene. Every chemical reaction turns the gene on or off when Genesis get depleted it can cause the wrong genes to come on.  It's not a lack of hormones it's a hormone receptor problem, the receptor that interacts with the hormone has been damaged.  

Thyroiditius is a damage to receptor to the cell. T3 goes into the cell and activated the DNA. Bad things blunt and block the receptor. 

Thyroid disease- inflammatory disease three things drive inflammation: genetics stressors (chemical stress, emotional stress, traumatic stress) and micro-biome (gut health. All your hormones are made in the gut. Seritonin and dopamine are made in the gut) Fix of the gut to improve the factories to restore gut health. 

times magazine- Health The fire within. Inflammation tells the white blood cells and red blood cells to heal. Long term inflammation drives the disease process. It's the secret killer.  

My our brain is made up of 70 to 100 trillion cells cells make tissue tissue makes organs.  Brain makes TSH TSH talks to thyroid- thyroid release t4 which is stored inactive hormone and converts into T3. t3 makes hair, restores body temp. Most medication is T4 and you need the following for conversion to happen - selenium-liver conversion- iodine.  28-30 cofactors that convert to T3.

conversion happens in the liver. Has your liver been checked for optimal ranges? When t4 converts to t3. T3 turns the DNA on to make the body get better. Body always make a little bit of reverse t3. Reverse t3 because the process to confer t4 to t3 requires a lot of energy. Reverse t3 is made so the body doesn't have to use extra energy that it needs to use.   

Reverse t3 test- name of test.  

Omega 3 9 fish oils help with inflammation because the cell wall is made up of 3 and 6. The men ratio should be 4:1 30/40:1 causes the cell wall to become tighter. 

Summary- your blood work is fine and so are you

automune hormone receptor problem

cant convert t4-t3 doctors are not looking for this. 

rt3 dominance- emotional stress

solution- find out what's causing the inflammation, put the fire out and remove it and repair the damage done and fix the cell. 

 Cellular inflammation- 

mare your cells inflamed-meta-oxy 50x more accurate. Measures byproduct of cellular lipid perioxidation and free radical damage.

checks how much cells are damaged and helps the doctor track the inflammation.   

Something causes rates to be high. Drugs trick you into thinking you are better but the disease process is getting worse. The disease is getting works body is getting weaker. It will be a matter of time before the organ or cancer will need to be removed.   




Women's hormonal system is more sensitive because women produce life.  



Mercury 2most toxic chemical on the planet.  Thyroid cell gets caught in the cross fire.   

Less than an ounce of Murcury is toxic. Murcury comes from your mouth  


Murcury fillings are still legal. Companies own parents on fillings. Lobbist protect these  laws. It's stored at the highest level possible. No body is teaching this info. Overseas Murcury fillings are illegal. They drive disease. Its posion before it goes in your month when it come out of your mouth. Murcury are fat solubles. Endocrine system is the fattiest of the body.  


1000 times than the EPA. Every second of every day Murcury is leaching into your body. 



Lead gets passed on from mother to off spring to 4 generations. Hair sampling only shows what your body is excreting. 

Black mold acts just like Murcury and shuts down endocrine system. Hearing loss is a result of led toxicity.  The proper heavy metal testing is testing in urine.   

number 4:


Over 500 chemicals. Perfumes

lead in red lipstick.  

Chemical spray tan

parfume-200 on average chemicals



Floride bromine chlorine bind to iodine receptor. Moutain dew and Gatorade are replaced with bromine.  

most sensitive nerve in your body is your optic nerve.  

Functional acuity contrast test.  




It's a choice to be made to do what it takes to be better. If you want to move forward keep following my newsletter. 

Insurance is made to get you symptomaticly better but it does not get you well. Insurance companies won't help you get better. It's in your by laws.  


Antonika Chanel

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