The Color Purple

Purple Rain, The Color Purple, Purple flowers.... You are elegant and full of grace. Your warm charm stays with people long after you leave. 

The color purple has so much meaning!  It wasn't until I met a wonderful lady Vanessa Cisneros who showed me with love the beauty of color therapy. I used to wear dark cloths, a lot of black, my personality was very regimented. Vanessa is a woman with a child like curiosity. She loves the color purple. Today Perigirls scope challenge is the color purple. I went straight to my secret group and scrolled through the feed to find that color we once talked about. Do you want to know what I discovered? 

If your date of birth adds up to 7 you have a violet personality. you are sensitive, inspired and generous person.  You have leadership qualities which at times make you feel different from the rest. You have the great gift of seeing objectively and you are able to give practical advice that is always to the point.  You have a friendly nature and because of this people are attracted to you and you seek your sound advice.  You are elegant and full of grace. Your warm charm stays with people long after you leave. 

Your natural connection with the universe is a source of inspiration. 

You have a wild imagination which give birth to innovative ideas. Art is a field where you can truly express your inner beautiful world.  You  are the initiator that help people reach their full potential.  You strive to make the world a better place.  You surround your self with an eclectic collection of beautiful things,  You treasure your house and your family,  Although it is important to you to go through times of isolation, this need for inner reconstruction, cutting everybody out can be perceived as indifferent to your friends. You always make up for this by becoming again your lovely, attentive self.  

Purple and its Chakra Correlation

 I see, I know, I understand

Purple states, I see, know, understand. Purple represents your third eye, pineal gland, pituitary gland. Both organs that are important to our endocrine system.  This means you have a subtle connection with light, sight perception, knowledge, visualization and insight. 

Purple and Physiology

Purple also known as Violet, is a combination of red and blue in equal ratios.  In it's highest vibration it represents good motives, elevates spiritual aspirations and enhanced concentration of the soul. It is associated with prosperity, wealth and increased productivity.  Violet stimulates the spiritual nature of man and offers self mastery, higher realms of creativity and royal consciousness.    

Purple is calming,  It controls irritability. It stimulates the spleen, upper brain, bonads and bones.  It relaxes the bones, stimulates production of leukocytes and calms the lymphatic glands. It calms the nerves and aids meditation and sleep. Wear purple to calm anxiety, nervous disorders, itching, irritations, inflammation, burns. Re-align meridians with purple light clear mind fog. 

If your inborn ability for inspired leadership is written in the stars. Make your intentions be known and follow your dreams keep shining in the light the bright purple YOU are!