Nutrition and Cancer Why We Should Eat More Mushrooms



Did you know that 260,000 women will be diagnosed with cancer this year. An inexpensive food could eliminate more than half of the breast cancers we face and save tens of thousands of lives.  Eating habits, obesity, lack of exercise and smoking contribute to cancer. Reflecting on our study of Epigenetics, a healthy lifestyle and positive perspective keeps cancer away

I am going to share with you what mushrooms to eat, how much and why.

Women who consume at least a 3rd of an ounce of fresh mushrooms everyday are at 64% less likely to develop breast cancer. When combined with regular consumption of green tea there is an even greater benefit.


  • Mushrooms protect against breast and other hormone related cancers.

  • Mushrooms  inhibit an enzyme called aromatase which produces estrogen.  

  • Pomegranate is another one.  

  • White mushrooms, portobello mushrooms have strong anti aromatase activity.  

  • Mushrooms also contain specialized lectin that recognize cancer cells and a prevent cancer cells from growing and dividing.


The best mushrooms that fight cancer are:

  • Button mushrooms

  • White

  • Shitake

  • Oysters

  • Portabella

  • Reishi mushrooms


These mushrooms contain bioactive compounds with the potential for potent anti-cancer activity. They have anti-angiogenic, antiproliferative and other anti cancer effects which can help prevent colorectal, breast and prostate cancer.


How do we eat these mushrooms?


Saute with onions, carrots and cabbage, minced garlic. Garnish with kale. Add lemon juice, sea salt.  Add a drop of dill, thyme and black pepper oil to the end of the recipe once removed from heat (to get the oils opt in at and get my essential oil guide book for free). As a blackapino (African American Filipino) I eat almost every meal with rice. I am so in love with brown jasmine rice. It takes a little longer to cook. I use the aroma and set the cooking time for brown rice.  Brown rice has helped me reduce bloating and keep my figure. Sometimes I’ll add sea salt and coconut oil in my rice while it’s cooking and garnish with parsley and a drop of lemon oil.

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Reference: Mushrooms reduce breast cancer by 64%