Super Crew Spotlight is on Peter Z of the Sea


The first thing I think of when Peter Z of the Sea comes to mind is the slogan, 'Yachting Isn't Easy But It Can Be' It was one of the many Facebook pages that was created to help newbies land their job in yachting. Getting a job on a boat is becoming more sophisticated. When I first started, I had to beat feet to all the docks meet crew leave my resume with the Captain. Interviewing and visiting all the crew agencies and attending networking events isn't a thing of the past.  Any way to get exposure is a big plus. However, just meeting people and having a great personality isn't the only prerequisite. Showing up on paper is just as important as all the rest.  

As new crew come in to the industry seasoned crew are setting new standards as the industry continues to grow. Peter Z has definitely found a nich market that is keeping him busy burning the midnight oil.

Peter graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, magna cum laude, Hyde Park, New York Campus. While there he formed a scholarship program originally called the flying chefs. He gathered groups of aspiring chefs and raised money for future students by jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and donating the money to the scholarship fund.  Early on in his career he always wanted to lift people up and not blow their candles out as they climbed their own ladders of success.  This type of attitude and work ethic and positive reinforcement is evident in his CV writing business called ProCVwriter 1 Services, where Peter Z continue to help his colleagues rise to their full potentials and realize their dreams in the marine industry.

With his crafted CV Peter also offer free upgrades in the future once on board, and that is not just once, but until you leave the marine industry.  Peter Z also offer land resumes for the transition at a discounted additional pricing based on the amount of time and effort it will take to write them. 

In addition to great CV with free upgrades Peter offers services to write ads for FB post on yachtie job pages or yachtie related pages for those seeking employment.  Whether a 50 year sea “dawg” or a newbie in the industry.  One of Peter's positive mantras is, 'You are never too old for yachting, there is a right fit for everyone'.

CVS for free assessment can be sent either to or either way they flow Peter's way to be revamped, reconstructed, refit and refueled for success! 

Here are Peter Z's top 10 tips. 

The Top Ten CV “To Do’s”….and a couple to don’ts

1.      The picture must send a positive message ( I have special guide lines that work-come aboard with my services and I will tell you them all)

2.     Make sure at least five references are listed with full names not just per say captain Steve….and include the phone numbers and emails and test them out for many of them change over time

3.     Make sure you include the months and years you were at a job and better yet, if you have the exact days but not necessary in most cases

4.     Never include your passport number on your CV

5.     Do NOT fabricate anything that is not authentic (example list a cred you don’t have)

6.     State a clear objective not tell your life’s story and be clear about what types of vessels, and lengths and cruising areas you prefer

7.     Do NOT list hard worker as a skill…..self explanatory

8.     Make sure your Name is bigger Font than everything else

9.     Clear, sunny, happy picture

10.  Do not have boxes, different colors with text in them and fru fru borders, goofy non appropriate pictures on your actual CV…the only picture that belongs there is YOU head and shoulders shots are the best.

After you have created your resume don't forget to submit it to the following recruiting agencies and offices. Here's a small list to get you started: