You are tired of the constant battle with managing weight. You've been on several diets, off and on excercise and as a result you feel unworthy.  STTTTTOOOOP right there! UNWORTHY? lets slay that word right now and up the vibration of your thoughts by replacing that word with WORTHY, MAGNIFICENT AND INCREDIBLE. That is exactly who you are and that's what you need to be telling yourself.  Here's something else. I know that  weight management can be challenging., depressing and up setting.  Just where did the weight come from? or the lack of keeping weight on, go?  

Wether you are trying to keep weight on or lose weight, its more than just your diet and exercise. Mindset is huge. Your mindset determines your thoughts, your actions and controls how you see your self. White Iris Is birthed from the experience of two women and how they changed the way they showed up in life, how they look at their self the way they look at food. They transformed into living the life they love. You can too. Here's a short video blog on Lola White and a special invitation to join her Facebook group to learn more. 

You want to know more about natural ways to control weight management? I invite you to join my Facebook group QI of Life where you will get my full attention that matters to you the most. it's a private group, all you have to do is request to join.  In an open discussion I will give you the value you desire in facebook Live broadcast. I love to get to know you there and breakthrough those challenges that have stood in your way.