My Commitment to YOU

Not all physicians are create equal. As a matter of fact I'm more than just your average physician. In fact  my commitment to you is to:

Respect the right and dignity of each person I treat. Accept and treat those who seeking my service in a nondiscriminatory manner. To keep you informed by explaining treatments and outcomes. Protect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of patient care.

Maintain professional boundaries in relationships that may exploit practitioners/patient trust. Keep accurate record of each patient's history and treatment.  Treat only within my lawful scope of practice.  Render the highest quality of care and make timely referrals to other health care professionals as may be appropriate.  Avoid treating patients if I am unable to safely and effectively treat due to substance abuse, physical or psychological impairment.

Not engage in sexual contact with a current patient if the contact commences after the practitioner/patient relationship is established. Not engage in sexual contact with a former patient unless a period of six months has elapsed since the date that the professional relationship ended. A sexual relationship must not exploit the trust established during the professional relationship.  

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