Beet the Disease with this Smoothie


With so many types of smoothie recipes flying all over the Internet, it's sometimes hard to choose which one to stick with. As a rule of thumb I practice making smoothies on a daily basis. I like to keep a few of them at the forefront of my mind, alternating the ingredients based on the condition of my body and my personal needs at the time. One thing that I'm very consistent with is consuming five vegetables and three pieces of fruit blended in anyone smoothie recipe.

Smoothies are an excellent way of getting all of the bodies daily recommended allowance of vegetables and fruit. And I would suggest when creating your recipes always include a good selection of seeds such as black sesame seeds, flaxseed, Chiaseeds, walnuts, figs, etc. etc.

Imagine, a seed contains all the vital nutrients a tree needs in order for it to grow big and strong. Seeds can also provide us with nutrients that benefit our immune system. Today I'm sharing with you one of my recipes that I call 'Optimal Health Power Smoothie'. It's loaded with antioxidants don't forget your seeds and nuts. 


Optimal Health

Power Smoothie

½ red beet

½ pint blueberries

½ pint blackberries

1 pint strawberries

2 fresh basil with stem

1inch ginger root

½ like with pith and seed

2c Distilled Water

1 red beet peeled

2 carrots

1 fuji apple

½ cucumber

  1 fresh basil

  1 fist of parsley

 ½ lime with pith and seeds

  1 inch ginger root

not only does this movie promote optimal health but it's excellent for those who are fighting against any major disease

this smoothie recipe is based on food therapy, every single ingredient has a specific purpose and how it supplements the body promotes detoxification and cleanses the joints and immune system on a cellular level.

I hope you enjoy!


Antonika Chanel

I help others breakthrough physical and mental health challenges using holistic medicine modalities. I empower women to take back their power and embrace womanhood. I give people around the world their first experience with Acupuncture on the Regal Princess PCL