The TCM way to handle Drama


I hope you never have to experience drama. It’s stressful right? Unnecessary, it sucks up your time and it makes you flat out tired!  

I’ve had my fair share of drama.  

These days I CUT it before it escalates, I crush it and confront it face to face with soft spoken words, a smile and compassion.....

Puff......In a dream world.

I had to learn quite a few lessons before I actually figured out how to successfully handle S*%?.  

When drama is about to happen ask yourself these questions: 

How did I create it? 

What can I do differently? 

What will I do next? 

10% of life is what happens to us 90% is how we react. 

When drama perpetuates close your eyes and visualize what you want life to looks like after the fact.  

Focus on That. 

The more we allow anger, sadness and resentment to build up, the body harbors this negative energy in the organs and makes our immune system deficient. The internal workings of our body like the stomach for example, manifest gut issues that we aquire later on down the road.

So lets say we cut the crap. 

When drama starts to arise, grab your Frankincense oil and get it on your body asap.  

Frankincense clears negative energy, brings back feelings of calmness. Its your go to oil for everything and anything.  

Then take every citrus oil you can find, lemon, lime, joyful blend, invigorating blend and get it on your body. 

Cirtus oils raise the body’s vibration, they make you happy, lift up your mood and used to clean up and clean out that yuck and muck.  

When drama gets too much well its time we get nitty gritty and get to the source the TCM way.  

That’s short for The Chinese Medicine Chic way!  

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Love Light and Oils,

Antonika Chanel



Antonika Chanel

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