How I Broke The Rules for a Green Smoothie At Sea

PHOTO CREDIT  Linval Ebanks  

PHOTO CREDIT Linval Ebanks 

Have you ever thought about working on a ship whether it be a yacht or a cruise ship? Well if you're a vegan or vegetarian sometimes this idea can be challenging. I'm not a full vegetarian just yet. However, I am moving in that direction. In fact, I like to eat differently because of my practice in Chinese medicine I see the value of eating meat and not eating meat.

When I first started working on a cruise ship the most challenging thing for me was having available vegetarian and vegan options. I would have to sneak items from the salad bar in the Lido to my room so I can make a green smoothie in the morning. (Highly illegal for any crew member BTW)

I worked on one of those ships where eating nutritious food and food that is highly nourishing don't quite yet exist. (In fact, the average human being gains two pounds a day on a cruise ship. I'm lucky I don't look like a whale.)

My Life depended on taking copious amounts of vitamins and supplements just to sustain the nutritional benefits I needed to have the energy I need at work during those long twelve hr days at sea.  Food options on ships when you are a crew member is the same every day forever. If you want anything special, anything different, anything exotic you have to book a reservation with one of the specialty restaurants or go grocery shopping in port (and try to fit all your snacks in a tiny little fridge. RMI).  

I work in the spa and every embarkation day we port into Fort Lauderdale. Our port of call in Ft. Lauderdale for the spa department is two hours. Hardly enough time for sleeping in, a quick yoga routine and breakfast. Spa tours start promptly at 1 pm followed by drill and sail away. Grocery shopping, going to a natural food store and having a quality vegetarian meal is not always an option, in fact, I would have to pick one of the three activities to execute on home port days.

Working on a ship is hustle and bustle, there is no time for lollygagging around. Making something simple as a green smoothie requires illegal (crew member's taking food from the lido or other public areas is considered highly illegal) activity, skill, and creativity.

PHOTO CREDIT  Brenda Godinez  

PHOTO CREDIT Brenda Godinez 

One time a guest of mine came to me and asked, "Where I could get a green smoothie on this ship?" I looked at her, and I smile. All the while thinking, I sure hope my ship will consider building a smoothie bar when the ship hits dry dock this year. I replied to our most valued guest, "My friend let me show you a little trick, let's go shopping in the lido."

I took this guest to the lido and pointed out the kinds of food that she needed to collect and hand over to a bartender to make a green smoothie in the Vitimixer that is underused for nutritious options  (in my opinion).   You see, gathering ingredients and handing them over to a bartender is highly illegal for a crew member. For a guest, a bartender will do anything if you tipped them a couple of bucks.

As we walk through the lido, I begin to instruct our guest that, 

"Things like almond shavings, coconut shavings can only be found in the morning at the crêpe bar. The omelets bar is where you will find cranberries, kale, and spinach.  You want to add a little bit of fruit I always choose an apple, pear or a banana".

These Items are always are available during the cruise at any time of the day.

"For liquid, I add Almond milk.  Almond milk, on board? Ha, unless you are bringing it on board it doesn't exist. Your options are either cranberry juice, orange juice, apple juice or water. 

So we quickly gathered all of these ingredients took them over to the bartender instructed him how to make a green smoothie and asked him to add things like a slice of lemon some cinnamon, honey etc. If you want sesame seeds and chia seeds, you have to bring them on yourself.

Boom, that's how I would make my green smoothies on a ship until I got caught. Luckily I was able to keep my blender even though that's illegal too. 

Ship life is not exactly the most exciting as it looks.  Especially if you're looking at keeping your figure, maintaining a healthy life and feeling great all contract long. However, some sacrifices have to be made. 


When I'm home I like to build a Green Smoothie the Jeff Permack way. Here's Jeff Permacks Free Your Mind Smoothie Formula. Totally necessary mid-contract.

2c Distilled water

1 Corn on the Cob

1 stem of Rosemary 

5-10 Strawberries

1 Fuji apple with seed

1/2 Lime with skin

1T Maca Powder

10 Dried cordyceps (optional) 

Some call me crazy because of my disciplined lifestyle. It takes discipline not to get caught up in drinking and eating all the food that makes the body gain weight in area's you wish you never had. 

If there were one thing I couldn't live without all contract long, it would be my supply of essential oils. 

Oils are the only thing that helps me keep my sanity when work gets super intense and stressful. 

On hand, I always have my calming blend, citrus blend and my passion blend oils. 

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By the way, I would add these oils to my smoothie too. Yep, they are food grade. 

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