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I’m an Acupuncturist and part of my job is knowing what herbs and acupuncture protocols are best used in pregnancy. In this blog I will answer questions like How does what I take affect my baby? What kind of medication can I take and how do they effect the baby? What Essential Oils for pregnancy are safe? These are great questions and deserve an answer from a Holistic medicine professional. Get the facts from the expert.

Finding medication for nausea, headache and fatigue seems almost impossible especially late a night when symptoms are more frequent. In the drugstore every thing says, not recommended in pregnancy and consult your doctor before taking when pregnant. When carrying, it’s better to turn to a natural alternative that works.

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The are essential oils for pregnancy that are helpful and actually work.




What essential oils for Pregnancy exist and what are they used for?

Blends for Pregnancy

Blending essential oils together have additional benefits. When oils are blended together they help other essential oils work better. Here are some suggestions on blends that work.

Feeling of Discomfort in the AM: Peppermint, ginger

Appearance of veins: geranium, cypress

Back Discomfort: Massage Blend, Soothing Blend, Bedtime Blend , ylang ylang, marjoram, frankincense, lavender.

Swelling: Ginger, lavender, cypress, massage blend.

Digestive support: Peppermint, Ginger, DigestZen

Hemorrhoid Support: Helichrysum, geranium and cypress

Blemishes and appearance of stretch marks: frankincense, geranium, helichrysum and lavender blended together in a fractionated coconut oil applied 3-4 times a day can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Promote labor and encourage contractions: Clary Sage, whisper


I have many friends who are mom’s and often read about their experience and their recommendations. One friend commented, she disliked getting out of bed, she was so moody and uncomfortable until she started putting five drops of dōTERRA grapefruit Essential oils for pregnancy in her water.

She loved it! It’s just like having a real grapefruit and there are no side effects from using it.

Grapefruit oil comes from the peel of a grapefruit. The purest and most theraputic grapefruit oil Is harvested in Florida and the oil is tested for purity and potency seven times.

The oils I use are guaranteed for their purity and have supplemental facts on them which indicate they are a food grade product.

With essential oils for Pregnancy, you can kiss confusion and stress good bye and find relief from common struggles of pregnancy. I only recommended oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).

They are the only oils that guarantee have no synthetic fillers. Almost all therapeutic grade oils at health food stores can not be taken internally. 

The only company I have found that sells CPTG essential oils for pregnancy is dōTerra. For more about dōTerra and the science behind CPTG oils visit their website here.

Many say that peppermint essential oil is not good to use when pregnant. Peppermint dries up lactation and not recommended to drink peppermint tea or apply oil around breast when nursing.

Using peppermint while pregnant is ok and does not harm the baby. When in doubt always dilute essential oils.

I also see many women find enormous amount of relief when using peppermint in our digestive support blend.

I hope you have found this helpful. If you have any questions or comments share them here in the comment’s section. I would love to help.

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Antonika Chanel LA.c NCCAOM Board Certified