Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These...



During The Crossing

 About Guatamala in just under a 4hr port of call.


Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas,
Everybody's looking for something.

 Remember that song! I couldn't help but bring back Annie Lennox and the 80's. Why? Well, my entire life I have traveled the world, most recently on ships I've traveled the world and... like the song says I've experienced it all. 


During Nieuw Amsterdam's crossing, we stopped into several Latin ports one of them was Guatemala. 

This was what our day looked like. 

The port is about an hr away from the city, the roads are made of cobblestone. Guatamala is a developing country and all aboard is in four hrs. 😕 

So just enought time to take a few photos eat and rush back to the ship.  

Are you an Acupuncturist? Would you like to work on a ship? 

I have influenced a few of my colleagues to try ships. Some are still traveling the world. 

You could be the next Traveling Acupuncturist. 

Ask me how here or join me on IG @TCMchic


This post was published at 4:44pm. Here's why this number so special. 

Angel Number 444 is a message that the angels andArchangels are with you, encouraging and guiding you. They are offering you positive energies, inner-strength and
support to enable you to get the work done that you need to. They know and understand that you have been toiling diligently towards your goals, and encourage you to continue on your current path to achieve the success and results you desire. Use your strong connection with the angelic realm to your benefit and be open to their promptings and messages. Listen to your intuition and follow its guidance.