Monksana Yoga British Columbia

moksana Victoria BC

moksana Victoria BC

The day I keep thinking this will be my last contract I discover a new yoga studio down some high street in Vancouver. 


Oh the joy of dropping in a yoga class and meeting new faces. My perspective on travel just shifted. 


Today started with a ‘To Do’ lists and I ended up in a pedicab listening to a history lesson around town. Picked up a few outfits, enjoyed a beer tasting, some noodles and walked around China town. 

While most people on board are looking for food and drink, I’m looking for the hottest Yoga Studio Around Me. 

I pop in my ear pods and off I go to music by Karsh Kale


After three hrs of seeing the town I found an Chinese Medicine College called Pacific Rim. I was a few hours shy of a Treatment.  


Then I dropped in to a live music and yoga class at Moksana . A smalls sweet studio at the top of the same alley in China Town. 

The instructor that day just got back from a trip to Hawaii and the musician played some of the most heart lifting music that comforrd my soul. It was an hour and a half class with a 20 minute savasana, and everything I could ever want. 

Considering my profession Micheal my Pedicab discovered what would help me get lost in my dream world when he took me to see the first ever Chinese School in Canada

Visiting Victoria? Do it my way and you’ll feel acomplished and zened out. 

Long before my yoga studio discovery, I got my yoga instructor 200hr certification with Micheal Baez and Awakened Warrior Yoga online, not because I wanted to teach, but because I wanted to be a better student.

These days, I like to frequent drop in yoga to find my flow in a different space. Most of all I am happy to find my flow no matter where I am.