So They Say, The More You Know The More You Grow...

I say, ‘Who you know will help you grow’.


So they say, ‘The more you know the more you grow’. 

I say, ‘Who you know will help you grow’.

Haven’t you heard all the talk about the kind of age we have been living in? There’s so many predictions about the times yet to come. The truth is we are rapidly advancing human beings.

Believe it or not we are ALWAYS experiencing a paradigm shift. Most reciently we are traveling from the ‘information age’, towards the ‘reputation age’. 

More and more these days information has value only if it is already filtered, evaluated and commented upon by others.

On ships, day after day I gave seminars, hosted demonstrations and consulted with individuals from different cultures and nationalities on the topics of Chinese Medicine. As if more information would be the driving factor to experience the most relaxing treatment in the spa.


Honestly, Not really...unfortunately it is a numbers game.

In my experience, it's about enhancing one's experience of feeling whole again with a poke. I mean after even just one treatment my guest were raving about how amazing they feel, how much the pain decreased and what life is like after getting all zen out with me. So my question for you is... What are you doing for others?


Inspiration Of The Day:

really it’s not so much about how much you know,

it's about how much you like and trust the person giving you information. 

In a world of I hate to be sold but I love to buy, budding relationships can evolve like a wild fire.


What if you could begin that path now! Take the road less traveled and live that inspired life. 

wanna do it? 


Let's get started with taking your supernatural level of feeling more inspired organically the Japanese way. 


Here are Essential Oils, when Blended together Promote the feeling of being inspired. 

bergamot, Coriander Seed, Marjoram Leaf, Peppermint, Geranium, Basil, Rose, Jasmine.

Curious about how to use essential oils? Let's get into how you can Essentially live the KampoLife and be another step closer to living your best life.

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