“Can you and your energy influence your environment?”,


Can thoughts change our life?

Do Thoughts affect the way my body feels?

If I change the way I think how will this change the course of my life?

The answer to those questions above,




Of course.


Have you ever heard of mantras? Mantras are words that affirm our subconscious to shift negative habits and patterns. We can create our own mantras or practice ancient ones. Mantras historically were recited in Sanskrit. The way the Sanskrit words are pronounced evokes vibration that creates motion towards what you are manifesting.

While I was in medical school I practiced reciting 'Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah' which is the manta for removing obstacles. Then I began to write my own. Writing my own mantras I believe brought me to a deeper understand and gratitude for myself and those around me.

The words we use and speak carry meaning and and have the power to influence the way we feel, the choices we make and the reality we create. 

Our minds are like complex computes. The windows you browse (your consciousness), the websites you visit, what you tweet, post on Facebook or Instagram and the kind of content you consume informs your thoughts, opinions and perceptions and guide your understanding of the world. When we shut down the computer the internet doesn't stop. It keeps thinking of those websites and  post we were just looking at. 

I believe this is why meditation is one of the five branches in Chinese Medicine we can not live without. 

Christie Marie Sheldon said,


“If you look at the world the way I see it, you will then be tapped into the causal plane where everything can be changed. Because everything you see in the out-picturing of your life really is the effect of your life. And everything that created it was created by all your thoughts, beliefs, ideologies and every judgment you've ever made. Those points of you make up your reality. That’s why your life is the way it is.” 

You are in control of your destiny, your health, the choices you make and the thoughts you create. I set myself on a quest to discover how I could be better at living. I started working with a self-realization coach. Umi taught me how to tap into my present moment awareness by observing without judgment the world around me. 

Every day I work on those thoughts, giving thanks to my most close and intimate friends. 


I change up my mantras here are a few that transform my feelings:

'I am a conscious creator in a field of unlimited possibilities'

'When I speak from the heart, the vibration of my beingness illuminates life'  

'Stillness and solitude erupts creativity and expansion' 

Dr. Emot said, “This world is filled with wonders and mysteries that get more incomprehensible if we try to think of a reason. Except for some of the truly basic things, no one disagrees that there are still so many unknowns.

We are made up of divine energy and should treat ourselves like so. 


Source: https://yourstory.com/2015/04/power-of-thoughts/