Immune Boosting Foods

We can almost bet that just as fall begins to roll around immune system become compromised and one by one kids at school start getting sick by the day.

The cool thing about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that we look at external diagnostic factors that tell us what’s going on inside our body. 

I look for:
Red face and signs of heat.

The tongue is confirming signs. With these two diagnoses we can determine how deep the cold has gone, what kind of herbs the body needs and how aggressive of an Acupuncture protocol is needed.

I look for a red tongue with a think yellow and dry coating.

Let’s say you are into prevention and you want to prevent any kind of sickness in your family.

Here are some food and herb suggestions to cook with and what they do to keep you going all winter long.

Cinnamon- Strengthens the immune system. Creates a defense. Moisten the lungs, clears heat and reduces toxicity.

Ginger- detoxifies

Chilli- promotes sweating, resolve’s stagnation

Cayenne Pepper- moves blood, resolves cold.

Spring Onion dipped in Sea Salt- Spring onion regulates the blood, warms the kidneys and spleen. Salt dissolves mucus and onion.

Diffusing 2-3 drops of:
Wild Orange

Helps clean the air, protects against environmental threats and supports the body’s antioxidant defense. This blend also promotes healthy circulation