Red Flag: Am I At Risk For Bladder Deficiency?

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We often don’t know if we are at risk for bladder cancer. Often times we don’t even know something is wrong until we go in to see the Doctor. There are ways we can maintain health bladder function when we are aware of what is available to us and how to use those tools.

Bladder cancer occurs when cells amass in the inner lining of the bladder and form a malignant growth, or tumor. Cancer develops only in the bladder lining may become invasive, spreading through the bladder wall to nearby organs such as the prostate gland in men or the uterus in women.

Traditionally Chinese Medicine says that each of our organs has an emotional component that stagnates the blood flow and gives birth to deficiencies. When we remain aware of those emotions we are able to better identify what kind of practice needs to take place. Though bladder cancer is not treatable with acupuncture, Chinese Medicine plays a big roll in the recovery and prevention of bladder issues.

Symptoms of bladder issues
1. Traditional Chinese medicine indicated that urinary with blood is one of the first symptom discovered by bladder cancer patient. Sometimes, red blood cells can be viewed by naked eyes but most of the times, it required blood test.
2. Back pain
3. Fluid retention in the kidney
4. Fever
5. Other symptoms are similar to the conventional medicine.
Most patient with early bladder cancer my experience blood in urine with no pain at all.

What do Bladder cancer Risk factors include?

  • Advancing age and family history

  • smoking and alcoholism

  • Toxin exposure in industry, truck drivers, pesticide applicators, rubber workers and aluminum workers.

  • Artificial sweeteners, saccharine have been shown to produce bladder cancer in mice.

What Can I Do To Promote a Healthy Bladder?

Promote a strong bladder try rubbing 2-3 drops of cypress and ylang ylang in fractionated coconut oil along the lower abdomen.

To enhance immunity, on a daily basis apply a combination of lemongrass, protective blend, sandalwood, thyme, cedarwood, basil, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, bergamot, fennel, marjoram or oregano on the mid portion of your back where the kidney’s are located.

There are a variety of Chinese Herbal formulas that additionally support the bladder and bring the body back into balance. Consult with your Acupuncturist if you are taking medication. Some medication is contraindicated with herbal formulas.

These suggestions are not intended to cure or treat disease. In any serious condition a highly trained Acupuncturist will refer you to a PCP or ED in extreme cases.