Has it just been one of those days? Diffuser Blend and May Specials

I go a lot cray cray with my oils to think up of new blends to share. This month I am just enjoying the mix of Cedarwood, Lavender, Wild Orange and Ylang Ylang in my diffuser. This blend will help you recover from the 9-5 and restore your body for the day ahead.

May Blend by doterra.JPG

Cedarwood- I typically use cedarwood as an insect repellent blended with lavender and terrashield (outdoor blend). I also like cedarwood because it Naturally repels insects, promotes relaxation and helps to keep skin looking healthy. It’s naturally very calming oil.

Lavender- is one of those oils that took me sometime to get used to. Which means my body really needs. it. It’s the oily of communication. Many times I feel like just don’t have my thoughts together for others to understand. Lavender is my go to when I am headed to a networking event or speaking engagement.

Wild Orange- The chinese first recognized the value of the peel of an orange for treating coughs and cold. Two drops of this on the bottom of your feet is kind like a an Emergen-C through the skin. This is one of the most refreshing oils I have used since college.

Ylang Ylang- It’s botanical name is Canaga Odorata, in Java, ylang ylang flowers adorn the newlywed’s bed and are often used as an aphrodisiac. Ylang ylang, promotes fertility, hormone balance and regulates libido and impotence. Use on pulse points or take a few drops under the tongue.


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Happy oiling!

Antonika Chanel L.Ac