The 8 Limbs of Yoga


It’s more than just a good stretch. It’s a practice full of lessons, the practice of becoming present. It’s getting deeper into your universe.

When I decided to get my RYA 200hr yoga certification, I did it because I wanted to know more about my body, I wanted to take my practice everywhere I go. I wanted to know what I was doing and why.

Before I started yoga, I thought it was just an exercise that prepares me for relaxation.

In today’s lesson I share with you the 8 limbs which was early broadcasted on my Facebook page. The 8 limbs are like the Constitution of yoga or the 10 commandments. To know more use this link here The 8 Limbs of Yoga.

Along with my yoga practice I incorporate essential oils. Its not foreign to me that we experience stress.

I’m fact, we all experience moments of weakness,  chaos, and confusion. In those times, dōTERRA’s Yoga Collection is the perfect trio to turn to, yogi.

Anchor helps you feel complete, calm, and courageous.

Align brings harmony and encourages calm progression.

Arise lifts your spirits and clears your mind so you can accomplish what you need to. Whether you need the support while managing your schedule, helping your family, or making it through your yoga practice, these blends will give you the peace, strength, and courage to get it done.

To learn more about these amazing blends, check out dōTERRA’s spotlight on the collection:

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In love and light, 

Antonika Chanel