Be Bold Beautiful


So you she’s got it all under control. So you think my life is perfect. I look like I have it made. Beauty is skin deep remember. Let me be real for a moment. I am a holistic health coach and Eastern medicine practitioner. That doesn’t make me any different from you.


I’m not saying I’m miserable. I do feel like I’ve done it all. Got the degree four times, had a successful coast guard career. Traveled around the world (still haven’t seen everything). I drove the nice cars, lived on the fancy yachts, wore the dress, been the arm candy, the bikini model, the figure competitor. Shall I go on? Good because I’m OVER IT.


I’m over wanting to win over that guy, feeling broken because my youth is leaving me. Pretending to be other than what I really want to be.

I want the perfect relationship with my body, my mind and my soul. I want to be in perfect alignment with who I am and MY desires.

Why the sob story? Love, I am blossoming into a totally different person. Its not because I’m days shy of stepping into my cougarness next week either.

You see, I never told you that when I finished my contract at sea I almost lost my mind. Treating people 24/7 was my life. I lived and breathed treatments. I pushed myself. It wasn’t for the money, it was for the satisfaction that came with every progressive result treating pathology after pathology. I was stuck on acupuncture like nobody's business. Needling people was literally my drug. Here I am six months later reflecting on the fact that thinking of treatment protocols off the top of my head was my comfort zone and that having a family or a partner in my life was the furthest from my mind. I was so in my element.

When I left ships, I crumbled. I had a few friend, board out of my mind and digging deep for foundation.

Life doesn’t give you what you want babe, life gives you what you need.

What I’m telling you is what I need.

I need to be so bold authentic and brave. I had been hiding behind this vail of limiting beliefs. 

My body has been harboring emotions that spontaneously combust in to outburst of tears proceed by uncontrollable laughter.

Why am I telling you this? The Lioness in side of me is raging to be bold and bad and fearless.

I am asking you, are you willing to be bold and fearless with me? Im tired of trying to be an intellect. I want so much for you to feel this with me if you dare.

Need support? How about a tribe of women who are supportive? How about you meet a wonder woman to help you remember who you are meant to be?

you are Bold Beautiful!  

Much 💗