Demystifying Shamanism Medicine Man Alex Rey Explains

Alexander Rey.png

Ayahuasca retreats is not a trend. It’s one of many ancestral medicines that heals not only our physical body but also our spiritual body. There is so much controversy about plant medicine and there shouldn’t be. I went on a search and found a Shaman to explain. I met Alex Rey from Colombia. He wrote a blog called, When the body is screaming the soul is silent.

Medicine Man Alex Rey tells us the difference between Shaman and Medicine man and how ancestral medicine helped him survive cancer. Play the video here to watch now.

In my interview with Alex we talked about tobacco and how westerners have adulterated it with chemicals which cause cancer. Alex Rey, cancer survivor shares his experience for us all to understand. There is no need to be afraid of plant medicine. We do need to be aware and respect ceremonial medical medicines and speak to a Shaman before going on a ayahuasca retreat.

You can book a retreat or call with Alex by Instagram @discoveryyourheartnow or via his website